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I only gave this business a one star because I had to choose a rating. I went to ship my neice a christmas present this afternoon and had went out and purchased my own box and tape to save a couple dollars on them having to package it for me. I was outraged when the lady working there informed me that I could not package my shipment in their store because i wasn't paying them to package it for me and that it would cost me extra to have them package it for me with my own materials i bought.

I then told her I would package it in my car but, its freezing outside like -10 she told me to turn my heat on or go home and package it myself and then come back. I walked out without shipping anything. I have never been to any shipping place that does not allow you to package your own stuff in their store, exspecialy when i am paying for their service to ship the package which was a scooter and would be pricey to ship anyways. Ups has lost my business, along with my family and friends as well, I will never ship with them again after being treated so horrible.

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Yup, It's a liability issue! I can understand most UPS Store is not that big that's why they have the packing area away from the customer area.

I went to the UPS Store in Las Vegas and bought their boxes and packing materials still they wont let me pack my son toys inside their store. I was not happy.....but I understand if someone got hurt because me, they are the one will get sue!


The reason you do not package inside their store is because packing your boxes are their business. It would be similar to taking a steak into LongHorn and telling them you would cook it yourself.

You gotta understand retail. These are independently owned businesses trying to stay open.


Oh yeah, you'll definitely get better service at a corporate owned location (where they get a paycheck regardless of service level) than you will at a locally owned business where the owner has skin in the game.

Great logic there Einstein.


Thanks for supporting your local business man who is a part of your community.


Dave is right. UPS has squeezed the Franchise Owners (UPS Store is Franchise owned, not a corporate store) so much that they can't make a decent profit.

That's why I prefer CORP owned locations such as FedEx Kinkos.

So when they screw up, you're dealing with one company. Not finger pointing between UPS and UPS Store Owner.


What do you want? These are the same people who wrap crystal and china with toilet paper and use scotch tape to close the used liquor box they stuffed everthing in.


It's a liability issue. It's the same thing as going into Mcdonalds and trying to cook your own burger to save some money.

NOT gonna happen ..

If you manage to slit your wrist on a tape gun while standing in the store, it becomes their issue. It's a sue-happy world that has led it to this point.


for one ur right they should have let u do that i have managed 3 diffrent ups stores and they are all franchiseed out so please dont take it out on the other ups stores but i would report that to mbe they should not be doing that its not right and its far from being customer service friendly. i hope u never go back to that store but do try another store they are all not like that i work for a owner that owns multiple store and i use to work for another franshisee and they were not like that eithier we strive ob customer service i apoligize myself for thier incompentant acts. but i hope u do try another ups store and i hope it is a way better experiance.


UPS/MBE has screwed these franchisees so much that they hardly make money on shipping. One of the few profit centers UPS stores can control and turn a worthwhile profit is on packing items. If you knew what these franchisees go through on a daily basis you would offer to pay double for everything in the store.

Colindale, England, United Kingdom #224152

No I never wanted them to package my shipment using my materals. I just wanted to use their packaging station to package my shipment myself because I had bought the stuff at walmart.

The lady was the one who told me they could package my shipment for me using my equipment but, it would cost extra.

I never knew you could not package your shipment in a pack and ship place I mean isn't that why they have packaging stations so you can walk in and package your shipment? I've done this several times at fedex, usps and other ups store locations so I don't quite understand the problem.


What you did was the same as taking your own food to a restaurant and asking them to cook it.

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