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I went to the ups store because i recieved a notice saying final attempt at a door that is not used.mailboxes are on side of builing with my entrance. When i went to pick up my boxes they had sent it back within one day .

I called customers service they put a note and sed will have sumone call u to confirm. The changes the woman called the rudest woman i told her where my other package idk .then i replay with what happen to leaving the package at the main location of usp for customers to pick up .. you guys didnt even give me a chance to be able to pick up my package final attempt was sept 3and n sent it back that same day of the final notice. What happen to allowing the customer to pick up within 3days of this final attempt no u just send it back.

N also use a door that not used at all it doesnt even have mailboxs had the driver just look around the corner of the house he wouldve seen my door n i wouldve been happy with opening the door that used to come in and out of . Thanks to ups now i have to wait to reorder it .. worse service I've. had i known this i wouldve order it for store pick up..

i would never use ups in my life there rude *** worst service n customer service who hang up on a customer. Then she wouldnt even tell me if the truck was in route or had already came .

Worst services ever. I asked to speak to a manger she sed she was n proceeded to say im hanging up on u .

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Uhh. get your facts straight before you complain about it.

UPS Stores are not the same as the warehouse, where deliveries are handled. Why don't people know this?

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