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The worst experience with a shipment ever. We were hoping to get a very important package (our passports) that we need for traveling next week. The embassy concerned uses UPS - which is quite unfortunate. So here is what happened:

The driver came to our place (Calgary, Canada) yesterday 13th May, and left a note WITHOUT even knocking - we were waiting for him inside the house (of course, because we wanted our passports in our hands asap!). Next, I called the helpline at 1-800-263-8125 and they assured that the package will be delivered to the nearest UPS access point (246 STEWART GREEN SW, CALGARY) before they close at the end of day. I rushed there before end of day only to find they don't have it. And of course, they are a different company than UPS (why so - is a mystery). Frantically, I call the 1-800 number again, and they assure to me that the package is going to be delivered to the same access point on the next weekday, Saturday (really? which English dictionary made Saturday a weekday - they really tried to sell me on that by the way). They never tried to help me locate my passports within Calgary - I was willing to drive to wherever it takes to get my passport! Anyway, I called the access point again today (Saturday), and now they say that the driver will make more delivery attempts - Which makes me scared because some unprofessional man/woman is pretty much just holding on to my passport - which no one in the entire UPS fraternity claim to know where! What more, the 1-800 number is not working today because UPS offices in Canada are closed - how convenient, considering this is an urgent package - but I guess that's okay, because the world obviously stops spinning on weekends (yes, Saturday is a weekend).

My trip is in 3 days - I need help from UPS to get my passport!! Please note - I already paid for the delivery, and even though I am a paying customer, I've to deal with all this mess that you have managed to create.

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Your calling out a UPS Store and it's not their should apologize. Your problem is with UPS. The UPS Store has no control.


Why would you blame The UPS Store? UPS Did this to you.

"Ups Store - Worst experience ever -" Please post this where it belongs at UPS.

UPS saves millions of dollars by forcing The UPS Store to take their packages they don't feel like delivering. The UPS Store have no part and have no choice in this debacle and theft of customer money by passing the buck to a store UPS will force close if package is not taken.


I don't understand why the driver would take the trouble to fill out the note rather than try and get the package in your hands.

The Access Point program is a total bust. The majority of customers, the stores, and the drivers don't like it.

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