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I went to Brooklyn Heights UPS store located at 165 Court Street. The clerk's name was Joshua with a stinky attitude.

Charged me for a box and the packaging and made wait until he finished with other customers. I waited patiently and then he grab a box and star cutting it and said to me "this will be a custom packaging so I will take care of this later" I have given a paper with my credit card information to be included in my package and I just want to be sure the package was sealed when I left the store. Then I suggested instead of cutting the box can he just put some bubble wrap around the item i was returning or craft paper to fill out the extra space of the box and he answered if you want to grab paper and put around the item yourself its OK with me but UPS wont be responsible of the package" I reminded him that he just charged me for the box and the service and he turned around to said I will be happy to return your money which I took gladly after wasting 25 minutes of my time. No manners at all.

I hear him talking to a UPS pick up person about He could not wait to 5:00 o'clock to close the store. This happened Saturday January 8, 2011 at 4:27pm.

Transaction 1187. He gave me back my package in a very nasty and unpleasant way.

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If you don't trust us to pack your items, then pack them yourself!!

Generally customers have no clue how much time we put into packing your items properly and to UPS guidelines.

If we packed each item while you stood in the store, the line would be out the door and around the block. Paper does nothing for your items protection, it does not absorb impact and any damage claim will be denied if packed this way. While he didn't need to be rude to you, I have to admit I can get a little annoyed with customers who don't trust me packing their items. Next time buy your own box, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, etc.

and do it yourself.

Or .. seal your credit card info in an envelope.


thats like going into a restaurant and wanting to go into the kitchen to make sure the chef cooks your food right. you just have to have some trust that they know what theyre doing.

Mike Lappin- sure you might be able to get away with cheaper packaging at office depot. but its also not a guaranteed service like it is at the ups store, so when office depot packs it cheaply and it breaks, youre out of luck if you expect to have a damage claim paid.


Just go to the UPS website and look up packaging guidelines. If you are still not able to pack it yourself go to office depot, they will pack it for a fraction of the price the UPS store charges.


If you bring something into a UPS Store to ship you can't expect them to be able to pack it while you watch. What if it was a big piece of artwork that took a half hour to pack?

Would you expect them to make everyone else wait in line just because you wanted to make sure the box is sealed? Unreasonable.

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