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On 5/12 I took a large item to the UPS Store in North Arlington TX off Lamar St for a pack and ship return option on a warranty repair being charged to the Guitar Center Pro Coverage account. I brought this item in with the shipping label and specific instructions on how to both package and bill this item with points in BOLD stating that the item needed to be double boxed or UPS would not cover any damages to this item unless this happened. The store rep (he appeared to be the owner) argued with me about this point saying it would be too costly to box that way. When I left he confirmed that he would package it properly and that UPS would be responsible because they were doing the packaging and those instructions were if I did it myself.

The item returns to me eventually in the same box they shipped it in and when I un-package it I notice it is cracked on all corners, the seams had separated, and there were chunks of wood missing from the item. I filed a claim promptly with UPS, they picked up my item for inspection, and later denied the claim for "improper packaging", I am still contesting this in a back and forth between UPS--UPS Store--the Shipper--and the Warranty Coverage Service. The only party seeming to work to fix the situation is the Warranty Coverage Service.

The frustration comes most because the store refused to follow specific instructions when they were being paid for! The result is I am without a $700 item that I use as part of my business to pay my bills and have no idea when I will get it back. I'm frustrated at UPS in general for playing the finger pointing game between the entities at the expense of the consumer. I'm pretty sure the manufacturer has already paid almost the total value of this equipment in packaging, shipping, insurance, shipping again, etc to have it destroyed.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Yeah you're off base with this gripe. I'm positive that if, when the warranty center received the package originally and it was damaged in shipping, that they would have informed you.

They repack it, poorly it sound like, it gets damaged, and you have the nerve to blame the UPS Store? Pretty lame, man.

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I agree with "Honest Worker" you left out if it was the store who packed that or the warranty center. Whoever did is at fault for the damage, however The UPS Store is not responsible for reimbursing you.

If they're nice, they might refund you for the packing-but they are not obligated to pay for the amp. I highly doubt that The UPS Store would turn down a double-boxing job. That's pretty pricey so they would love to do that. My guess is that you turned it down because it was too expensive.

Unfortunately for you, you're outta luck. If the store both packed and shipped it and you "insured" it, they would be contractually obligated to have UPS refund you for everything: the packing, shipping and "insured" value, but since it was shipped under Guitar Center Warranty's account number you're probably going to have to take the loss.

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Before I can make a proper response to this I need to ask a few things. Are you sure the box it came to you in was the one the store had packed it in.

If the warranty people repacked it then that's their fault. If it arrived to them in this condition then the store is at fault. So the question is how did it look when it arrived to the warranty exchange. If it came back to you single boxed and was damaged do to the shipping back to you then they are completely at fault for this damage.

The UPS Store is only liable for anything shipped under their shipping account. When it camp back to you it was through the warranty shipping account.

Find out the answer to these and you'll have a better idea of who to point fingers at to fix your problem. Maybe the reason the warranty exchange is so eager to help is that they done goofed.


you're a dummy for shipping a fragile item no matter how well you pack it, it's your own fault, i am tired of people to blame others for their poor decisions

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