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I'd shipped a TV to North Carolina on Novemeber 23rd to be sent to as a Christmas preset...when the TV was received it was broken. Thank God my boyfriend was there with me at that time, only because he was the one who convinced me to put insurance on the shippent "just in case" he said.

Well it happened; when my parents open the box the TV was brother, I called and spoke to someone from the Ups center. They told me what had to be done. CLAIM WAS FILED; YET STILL NO WORD. I keep getting the run around, everytime I call. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICES EVER EXPERIENCED!!

I call the claim department said they're missing more information, i get the Store manager on three-way with claim department, which I shoudn't have to do..but guess when you want something done(gotta do it yourself) they've told her what's she need to fax to complete paper work. Everything/paper work that's asked of me I've sent.

She left me a voicemail, saying she faxed the paper work requested, and ended saying "hopefully it's won't be much longer, hopefully" I laugh because how you're a manager suppose to fix customer problem and you're hopping.

Still I let weeks go by and still haven't heard anything. I call the claim department again. and i'm on the phone for 40 minutes being transfered around and people telling me. "We can't provide you information, we need to speak to the shipper" where is the customer services I ask. when I ask the claim department to call the store, because I need to this fix. she tells me the store need them, and they would have to call; they wouldn't call.

I really don't know what else to do. I wish this was a company where they was someone who could really take care of business. I will never ship anything with them again. I'm running out of options on what else do to to get this claim solve. Its going on 5months now!!!! someone help!

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I cannot speak to the "runaround" you are experiencing but I will suggest to all readers of this post, NOT to ship a TV through any carrier service. Typically, the box will be the original with packaging not designed to withstand the rigors of any carrier.

Common sense will tell you that something made of thin plastic cannot survive a direct drop on a corner.

The styrofoam blocks only transfers SHOCK damage directly to the TV breaking it. I'm surprised they are even considering paying you anything.

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