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Update by user Mar 20, 2014

We contacted this web site they unfortunately they don't offer to delete any reviews ! but have to say the Owner if the store help us a lot so matter got solved We are glad ! again thnx for this web site and thnx Everyone !ur comments help us to get solution fast !

Update by user Mar 20, 2014

matter got solved by this evening thnx everyone! ur comments even the negative ones help us actually this review will be deleted soon

Original review posted by user Mar 20, 2014

Refused service by the guy named Gustov who claims to be a manager of the UPS store located in Edgewater NJ 07020, 752 River road He was not happy as soon as I walk in then made mistake sending box to wrong country, got upset when I tried to correct him asking him to do the job correctly and faster store was empty no costumers he could have helped and that was hs job he is getting paid for instead of doing that he got upset and refused to ship boxes calling to the police to kick me out of the store --it is not right when costumer have to suffer, because the employee is making mistake doing his job ! Store is privately own by Mr Young Moo Chung.

Would like to be contacted by the UPS store owner at this point !

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Oh yea you post this s.hit about civil rights blah blah blah... Then when people disagree with you, it's case closed....


Again thnx for all ur comments my belief when u enter any store employees should be glad to have the business and help w out why do client ever walk in attitude !

this store have gotten 7 bad reviews already am not alone !

Tired of keeping quite, smiling, pretending is fine when it is not

thnx again for comments i would not be using this store till Owner sees to this matter -- taking to Dep of Civil Rights at this point : they got interested on this issue !! Glad they did


Actually I left was very upset but not rude not in my nature but shipped my boxes there anyways since my clients were waiting for it and i did not had the time to go to another store

i don't think the guy was correct Im taking this matter it to the Owner of the store since store is privately own

simple matter should be solved w out involved of the police thnx for ur comment let Owner decide from here thnx


Sounds like you were extremely rude. I would have asked you to leave too.

And the fact that he had to call the police tells me you were refusing to leave. According to, this store is owned by a Rita Cheng.

But that record could be outdated. BTW: it 725 River, not 752.

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #797069

Unless u were there and saw what was happening we think ur comment have the value. If u are another Store associate u need to come clean and say so with out hiding.

Otherwise thnx for your time As already posted this issue will be taking w the Store Owner -- Associate behavior towards my wife was improper and wrong and already addressed to UPS headquarter and legal authorities including our own lawyer. M thnx again

to Anonymous #797087

Yes, I was there..she couldn't see me because I was behind some merchandise. :p :p :grin :grin

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #797112

okay thnx for ur input matter got solved thnx again even negative comments help us we were surprised but will notify UPS Headquarters of posiitive outcome tomorrow again thnx Everyone )

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #797078

We know who the Owner of the Store is at this point it is actually stated on their website v easy to find. Farther, thnx for all comments, yet comments of her been rude or not rude re wrong because none of u were present unless some of u happen to be the second associate who was there at that time.

Thnx for ur input, yet judging situation with out been present is very difficult. . Story goes he said she said unless there were cameras we won't be able to see a clear picture. My wife is a high professional who demands professional services.

She' ve rights to do so as any other person walking to that store and if those services are not meeting at least basic standards then any complaint as such must be addressed w the Owner of the Store. Associate's must act professionally handling matters calmly professionally not relying on their moods and their own like/ dislike.

That would be totally wrong since it screams clear discrimination and violation of her civil rights. Again thnx.

Orange, California, United States #796997

You sound like a demanding seven year old brat, telling him to do his job correctly and faster when it was you who messed up. Next time get help from an adult so you sent the box to the correct country.

You have no right blaming them for your mistake. If someone tells you how to do your job you would be upset as well(assuming you are not really seven years old and actually have a job). He gets paid to do his job, not take abused from unsupervised children such as yourself. The business hours are usually during school hours.

Why were you not in school?

Most likely you made the mistake judging from your poor spelling and grammar. Your rights were not violated, he has the right to refuse service to a demanding seven year old brat such as yourself.

to kevin richards Newark, New Jersey, United States #797063

Been an immigrant have to tell u that ur comment about the spelling was way to … this story could ve happen to anyone including yourself. As of today March 20/14 Cilvil Rights Department of NJ toke this complaint regardless of spelling or misspellings and will be contacting the Owner of this Store.

This store associate clearly mishandle the matter on top of that lied to my wife and police that he is a Store Manager when their website have no such indication. So far as we learn today this guy G have a sensitive personality those type's could not handle any time pressure freaking out of funny situations getting confused blaming other for their faults be that w costumer or just a family member. Suggestion : getting a different job for instance @ mUsical store since music calms the nerves.

UPS headquarters was not happy hearing this story; they toke our complaint and will be following up with the Store Owner They also said that they need to make sure that each of their stores functioning correctly serving their clients on prompt time manners. They're concerned since this store happen to be Edgewater prime location Thnx

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #803625

Are you serious. I had to take my time and read this many times to figure out what your talking about.

Because you are incomprehensible is not a violation civil rights. You just don't make sense. Then after your talks about discrimination you say that he as a person can't do what he does and should do something else that works for his type of being. Talk about hypocrisy.

You sir or madam need to stop being a victim and lazy. Take some time to work on your vocal skills. If you know full well that your impossible to understand then do what I see many other sensible people do and bring someone that can help you communicate.

I've been to other countries. They tell me where to put it when they can't understand me.

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