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This is a very small community with only 1 location for UPS drop off. I made 4 trips to the location before someone was actually there to accept my package.

There was a sign on the door each time stating what time they would return....but that was always at least 45 to an hour from when I was there. (I never went from 11 am to 1pm...normally lunch hours) When I finally met someone face to face the young woman was VERY RUDE...she stated she was the franchise owner...and she had kids ...if she didn't want to be there than she didn't have to be...REALLY? I could see she had kids because they were there also being hateful with each other. The place was also disgusting....dusty..filthy carpet...and she was also on her cell phone the entire time I was speaking.

I stated that I am new to the community and send a lot of ups...but don't need to make numerous trips to do drop offs..she said then go somewhere else! Believe me I WILL!!! As I was walking out the door I heard her on her cell phone calling me a F..........

***. I believe I was assertive and wanting to knows hours of "normal" operations...I think that statement applied to herself

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Hamilton, Ohio, United States #627189

The franchises def should be open a set amount of hours and she shouldnt be rude, but I def understand her the owners frustration. You aren't giving the store any business so why should they even think about catering to you. If you have your own account schedule a pickup through UPS..wait, let me guess...because u dont wanna pay for it, lol.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #615725

ups stores are independently owned and operated. franchisees are required to be open a certain NUMBER of hours per week but the franchissor does NOT set the hours.

thus a franchisee CAN within those terms be closed in the middle of the day. you lose douche.

Seattle, Washington, United States #605327

hard to know if she was actually rude or you're bat-*** crazy and pissed that she wasn't open when you wanted to drop your prepaid items. she certainly shouldn't have been rude, if she was, but the reality is that as an indepentantly owned business, she can choose to be open whatever hours work best for her family.

millions of people with families would love to be able to do the same. the fact that you weren't spending money means she has no incentive to try and accomodate you. she may be losing customers that actually do want to spend money, and maybe doesn't care or they know her business hours. you as a freeloader though?

pfftt. please, go somewhere else.

to Dark_Shaft #615461

No, she is a franchise owner. Owners of franchises sign contracts with the company whose name will be on their business. These contracts state the hours they are expected to be open and operational, thus making this woman in violation of her contract with UPS.

to Anonymous Cape Coral, Florida, United States #615969

UPS franchisees are required to be open a minimum of 58 hours peer week.

to Anonymous #670618

Yes, and they can decide what those hours are, if they add up to the minimum of 58 hrs/week.

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