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A caution to anyone shipping UPS. When you take your packages to a UPS store be sure to stand there and read EVERY LINE of the paper they give you.

In this full length, small print paper which probably 90% of customers do not read, you sign that you are taking all responsibility for damages caused in shipping, you are not putting insurance on those packages as they do not provide insurance. What you are paying for is what they call "declared value". Should you have done your own packing, they have explained to you that they are not responsible because you did your own packing unless you can prove that you have packed in accordance with UPS specifications which includes only NEW boxes, no manufacturers boxes, cardboard to withstand so may pounds per cubic feet, large bubble wrap, foam packed at least 2" around item etc. etc.

And trust me, they themselves DO NOT pack to these specifications and charge a fortune to say they did. These stores have been created by UPS to be the fall guys actually for their horrific handling of packages. However, the stores know what they are getting in to when they sign the franchise agreements. I shipped very expensive sewing machine which took me almost 4 hours to pack to be sure it was pack absolutely perfect but of course they found problems with it, damaged it to the point it can not be repaired and say I signed that I would not hold them liable.

As a result of this, I have lost almost $5000.

I have spent many, many hours on the phone with every possibility to help me reprieve my loss but am now going to have to get an attorney which they don't care because they say i signed the papers and that is what counts. I will continue to make awareness to everyone I can so that hopefully no one else has to go through this awful experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1303345

Anyone else notice the box shows it is a Brother sewing machine, but the pic of the sewing machine itself states it is a Bernina?



I'm glad to see you can buy collectables after maybe losing your house.


Love the parallel you draw between the pain of losing a family member and the pain of losing your sewing machine. Please keep responding to our comments. Your posts obviate the need to watch the Comedy Network.


Let the store pack it next time, ***. It would then fall under their pack and ship guarantee.

Which means if it arrives broken, all you have to do is prove the value. What a doofus.


You didn't pack it properly, case dismissed


Sounds like you didn't pack it to UPS standards. Your fault. No one else's.

San Jose, California, United States #1277676

"You nicely added enough to my case."

You don't have a case, lol.


kdteel - Obviously your packaging wasn't good enough. Or else it wouldn't have been damaged.

You should leave it to the pro's.

Also, what kind of *** would uses their real name online? You don't even use your real name...a bit hypocritical, eh?

What an ***. I'm glad your item was damaged.

to PostalUPS67 Myakka City, Florida, United States #1277391

Packages should be handled by Pros. I took a pic today of a UPS man kicking packages off the steps of his truck.

Pros? I am not the least bit surprised by your rude attitude either, as you are typical. Using foul language or indicating foul language online just proves the type of person you are. And to say I don't use my real name?

I don't know what you are reading but my actual name is kdteel, not an alias as PostalUPS67, or anonymous.

And to be glad someone's package received damage also proves the type of person you are. I will not lower myself to your standards.

to kdteel San Jose, California, United States #1277633

Hey Einstein, the driver transports and delivers packages. He doesn't pack them.

You didn't pack it sufficiently which is why it broke. Obviously you're a newbie with shipping and packaging. Next time, leave it to the pro's. Also, if the store packs it, it falls under the pack and ship guarantee.

Meaning all you have to do is prove the value and you get your refund. If you pack it UPS will find all sorts of ways to deny the claim.

Also, peanuts don't move around if you add 10-15% overflow into the box for a nice snug pack. Foam to line the box would have been okay, followed by bubbling wrapping the item itself and then floating the item in the middle of the box surrounded by peanuts.

to PostalUPS67 Myakka City, Florida, United States #1277654

Your continued rudeness only strengthens my views along with others who read these responses, of the customer service of UPS. And you are totally correct that the UPS stores are only responsible for packing and for paying the claims when the drivers destroy the packages.

I guess the tax deduction for damages must be worth it. And you don't know how it was packed. You continue to talk about peanuts, but there was not one peanut in the box. I am a newbie with UPS, yes but only because the only other time I shipped with them, approximately 25 yrs.

ago, they completely trashed a saddle which THEY had packed. This obviously was prior to UPS stores being in existence. Yes, they did pay for it, but it did not recover the saddle. If you had a family member die as the result of a drunk driver.

The driver was convicted and there was money paid, but did that bring that family member back? Many people would be fighting to help this from happening to others. Somehow I don't think you would care but I will repeat, there is no excuse regardless of who packed a box for them to be thrown around the way they are. I myself received a collectible yesterday packed by Hamilton Collections, in a foam packing which I assume as much as they ship is an approved package, shipped by UPS and broken when I received it.

I did not even have to open it as I could hear the pieces of this porcelain collectible rattling around in the package. But then, I'm sure it was Hamilton's fault as they don't take their thousands of daily shipments to a UPS store for shipping. Not hardly and they were absolutely wonderful, apologetic and immediately send me a return label and refunded my money until they have another one to send me. Same with Amazon, they pack their own, it is terribly packed but I have never had a problem with them taking the item back and refunding the money.

Again, I will not lower myself to your standards with name calling, foul language, etc. or to any further replies. You obviously find pleasure in hanging out on this site thinking you are being a big person but you are going to just have to be rude and annoying to someone else.

You nicely added enough to my case. Thank You.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #1274948

In my 17 years I've been associated with the UPS Stores and its predecessor I have never seen a denied claim for a damaged store packed package. I advise everyone to take advantage of the pack and ship guarantee especially for an item worth $5000.

I have also seen many claims paid on customer packed items of high value items. If it's packed to industry standards the insurance company will pay.

I know none of this helps you out, but don't like the way you use unethical.

to Anonymous #1275051

I'm sorry you don't like unethical, but that is exactly what it is. You obviously are associated with UPS Stores.

Anyone wants to google them they will find the many claims not paid. I packed that machine way better than they ever would have packed it and they don't even know that because they would not send anyone out to check it. Because I packed it and I trusted them and was not even made aware of their ruling on packing because they just shoved this paper in front of me, didn't give me a copy, never explained what was on it and I was *** enough to sign it, again trusting them, they won't pay. THAT my friend is not only unethical but intent to defraud a customer.

Unfortunately, I am only a consumer who keeps them in business and has no other say. I have always used FED Ex and NEVER NEVER had a problem, always packing myself.

I am NOT the bad person in this and you are entitled to your opinion but losing that kind of money through no fault of my own has even put my home at jeopardy. $5000 is a huge amount of money to me and you are seriously are mistaken if you think I would intentionally put that kind of money at risk.

to kdteel #1276174

How do we know you packed it better then they would have? Why didn't you read the form?

That's your own fault for being in a rush. Also, I advise looking at the FedEx complaints on this site. No company is perfect, mistakes happen and bad apples pop up. You don't understand the definition of "intent".

And nobody said you intentionally put it at risk, rather you unintentionally put it at risk.

P.S. How in the world did it take a full 4 hours to pack it? Was it doubled boxed?

Was it bubble wrapped? Were packing peanuts used? You packed it in a box that was already shipped before?

That kinda hurts the integrity of the box... a nice new box, maybe even double walled would have been great.

to PostalUPS67 Myakka City, Florida, United States #1276301

I know it was packed better than they pack because I RECVEIVE stuff packed by them all the time and the packing is terrible. And YES I have had to return things from being broken but as you say they were covered evidently as they were replaced.

I did not use peanuts as they shift, I did not use old packing boxes as they are weak. I packed with foam and was so careful to be sure NOTHING came close to the side of the box where it would take rough treatment which there is no excuse for. I was NOT in a hurry. The person in the store was in a hurry, shoved the paper in front of me, never said a word which according to the paper he was supposed to explain their (your) declared value coverage which I never heard of before and as it contains the word coverage I would have thought insurance.

AGAIN, I trusted the person who happened to be the store owner, to at least say "are you familiar with our regulations for packing yourself or something to that effect, but NOTHING was said. It is such a shame that you can not trust people anymore. And don't tell me I don't know the meaning of intent. I am very familiar with the meaning.

You are not bothering me by trying to put the blame on me as I know what was done and wasn't done. It is in an attorney's hands now and so we will see. Very few people read those papers and if I can just at least get people to not fall for this unethical, yes I again said unethical, practice and read the papers, then maybe fewer people will be taken advantage of. P.S.

I love you people who use alias names. Why don't you use your real name? Could it be because you are afraid you might be proven wrong? Or you really know this is not good business practice?

You don't want to take the chance of losing any money from your little scheme.

Personally, I couldn't live with myself if I did this to people.

to kdteel #1283344

So if your only other experience with UPS 25 years ago was negative (and apparently haunts you to this day in some kind of PTSD-esque way) and you have never had a problem with FedEx in all these years, then why did you go back to UPS in the first place? We eagerly await your pithy, self-righteous response. It's Hump Day and we all could use a few laughs.

to Anonymous #1283824

Bawahahaa I think kdteel ran away... he says that's his real name? Wtf?

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