I use the UPS Stores in Hawaii Kai and Kahala (sections of Honolulu) The Downtown store can SUCK IT!

Don't use this place. I went there to print copies from my flash drive. They ask for your I.D. to hold while you use the computer!!!! WTF!!!! I had to surrender my I.D. because they had problems in the past with people using the computer and sneaking out without paying. So it's their policy.

Who would do such a thing? Sneak out without paying? Um... homeless people with no money perhaps? No responsible business person would run out on a few bucks.

So because they cater to the societal dregs in the downtown area, everyone is now suspect?!!! That is no way to handle business and extremely poor customer service.

The owner came forward, short, obnoxious, (those were his good points) explaining and placating, why he had the policy of collecting I.D.

Moot. I.D. should be presented for official use! Not to print copies. Asinine.

The owner clearly has no interest in whether the customer returns or not. That makes him foolish.

To top is all off I was told that there is a $2.00 internet fee in addition to the per copy price. I did not use the internet I printed from a flash drive. When I mentioned that I'm not using the internet, the fee title changed for internet fee to service fee for using the computer. Way to nickle and dime.

I guess they are trying to make up for all of the lost revenue on homeless people sneaking out on their enormous internet tabs!

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Houston, Texas, United States #762175

A "respectable businessperson" may not always have a computer and printer with them.Although I had a large office with lots of computers and printers there were times when I was out of the office and it was just more convenient to stop at a place like a UPS Store to print what I needed for a nearby appointment.

As for handing over my ID to a clerk - no way!

Instead I'd offer to let them hold a $20 bill as a deposit (with a receipt!).If they refused that I'd find another place.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #733538

They are asinine?No you are.

All stores charge a "Computer Use Fee" to use their computer to print off documents, no matter what it is called, you have to pay it.

The ID thing is odd, but makes sense.As the other guy said, if you are such a "professional businessman" why don't you have a computer or printer!


So, if you are a respectable business person why don't you have a computer of your own?The reason they hold your I.D.

while you are using their computers is because you will have to pick up your I.D. when you are done, therefore, they will be sure to get paid.

I don't know what your big deal is.Other than it seems odd that if you are a business person, you don't have a computer.

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