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So last Friday I went to my local UPS store to ship off these brand two new iPhone 6 which I had stood in line for the whole night to get. The phones were bought at retail so I paid close to $1900 dollars.

So I walk in the store and have the employees package the phones for me in a box. I chose the Next day delivery. The girl working there asked me if I wanted to get insurance. Now in my head I'm thinking it'll get there tomorrow and I wasn't too worried about it getting damaged because they were brand new phones which are packaged pretty well by apple.

So I choose to be a little stingy and not get the insurance (bad move). So I pay for the shipping get the tracking number etc. Next day I check with my sister ( it was around noon when they should've arrived) and she tells me no phones yet. I tell her not to worry that they'll show up by the end of the day.

By now I was feeling pretty happy with myself thinking I just saved $120 dollars on shipping. So no phones showed up that day and I didn't think too much of it figuring UPS is just busy with this whole iPhone launch thing. So monday rolls around ( exactly 3 days from shipping day) and still no phones. Now I'm worried I call my local UPS store and get told by some rude employee that they don't have the package and that the driver from the warehouse came and picked it up on friday.

I then track my shipping label which says that the labels have been created and the package is awaiting to be picked up from the local UPS store . So clearly something isn't right because the website should've said the box getting checked in. I called corporate UPS and they notify me that they will start an investigation on the missing package. Today is tuesday and still NO PACKAGE.

I call my UPS store and the employee tells me I should wait a month and if the package doesn't show up I can file for a claim and receive the money for the shipping cost, and since I didn't get any insurance they won't pay me anything for phones. I'm in such dismay, I have a feeling that the employees at the UPS store stole my phones because after digging around on the net I learnt that the store has had other customers which have had their packages just disappear magically. The package never seem to get to the warehouse which sends them to other terminals.

My question is has this ever happened to anyone before? Also I would really appreciate someone guiding me on what I should do next.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I had the same issue with an Apple watch that was shipped by BestBuy on Friday Sept 7 and the package was suppose to be delivered by Tuesday Sept 11. Of course the package never showed up at my house.

The package was received at their facility at Doraville Georgia. Somehow it never made it to the truck which means someone at their facility stole the package.

When I called the UPS service rep they were not helpful and had no concerns that this occurred. I will never use UPS again they are not concerned with customer service.


We ship through UPS cause it work with a 3rd party marketplace. We've gotten 9 pakages lost during 2 months and never get problem solved.

It badly hurt our reputation to our customers and we are going be be fined a lot $$$ by the 3rd party maketplace due to not fufill order on time. Sooooooo disgusting.


You paid for insurance. Don't lie


Sent a package to my sister in oroville at "ups store". Uncomfortablethe minute I walked in.

So I decided to insure my package. Sure enough was never scanned into system by UPS driver. I now have to fight store for my package or insurance claim. Called UPS they said sorry.

They don't stand behind the people representing their company. Being retired on fixed income and disabled, we now have to back rebuy gift, TRY to send it, fight for my money. At this point I'm out $342.00.

The store employee now has another gift to give to whom they choose on my dime. Merry Christmas to you!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1333185

This person never came back to tell the truth. How funny.


I know it's been two years but tell me how you loose a 325lb yard ornament chicken! I'm mean really? I hope your sister finally got the iPhones or you raised Cain and got some monies back.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1214762

UPS stores are franchisees, you risk it , better go to the UPS hubs, where it is company own, see the difference

Burbank, California, United States #1205345

I purchased an item of approximately $160 over the internet, and they shipped it accordingly. Product was supposed to arrive today, not knowing my family members' schedule, I chose to use the "Authorization Release" option, which voids the need for a signature upon delivery and allow the sender to just leave the merchandise at your front door (or anywhere you prefer).

The product arrived today, and LUCKILY my sister-in-law was home, so the UPS driver then asked her to sign for the package, she refused, and thankfully she did because the box was opened and the item was missing!!! My thought is the UPS guy knew that signature is not required, therefore probably assumed no one was home, and then took the package and could always blame the neighbors/thieves for doing it, but when he realizes that someone was actually home, he tried to have my sister-in-law sign it, but *** enough to try and give her an opened, empty box.

to Anonymous #1333166


to Anonymous #1333169

"He" could always blame the neighbors/thieves for doing it or you could as you planned to say you didn't get it and your sister-in-law thwarted your scam? Hope you filed a Police Report because the Police will probably put that same story together that you did, Detective. You are a genius!!


Same thing happened to me. Package says just as you described in the tracking like it never left.

It probably left in their car.

I'm not going to take the $100 lost item money because if my package is found and I took the $100, they won't give me my item since the case is now closed. I remember having a bad intuitive feeling about this shipment as I walked into the UPS Store before handing my item to them.


Hi..did you ever get the package? I am so upset.

Our father sent something last Thursday to us. He took his life that night.

He wanted something to come to us and they cannot locate it. I don't know what to do

to Anonymous #1106093

Call UPS

to Anonymous #1106527

I'm sorry to hear that... No I never received the package

to balkar89 #1333174

You probably aren't "taking the $100" because you were reimbursed for shipping charges and it requires you to you file a claim, under penalty of perjury. Then, they contact Apple and the Police to report it in case they show up.

Pretty sure you realized it would be easy to prove your party has the iPhones (which they get easily from info from Apple when you turn them on) then you could be arrested. It's not about another bogus story you made up using UPS as the bad guy that makes you forfeit items that are found if you take the $100. You refused to follow through with your claim. After you thought it through and realized Just how easily your story would be found as false.

What? You didn't want to be honest and come back in with the good news?

Gee, after all you said badly about UPS and The UPS Store when you were trying to get them to give you $1900. Wow.

to Anonymous #1554932

this *** jack works for ups ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I have a little inside info about what happens when a package goes missing. Lets assume it never made it to your address at all.


Any investigation to find the missing package will be stalled for 8 business days AFTER the scheduled delivery date.

2. The delivery centers are supposed to (but rarely) send stuff off to lost and found every day.

3. The folks on the phone will make little to no effort to actually 'find' it for you.

The total amount of time they will actually invest in looking for it is around 20 seconds. two quick searches max.

4. Claims are only paid to the company who shipped the package through UPS, not you directly. That process can take 3 weeks.


If you ever get a claim paid your address will be permanently blacklisted. Drivers will never release a package at your door without a signature again. 6. A claim is only paid out up to the actual declared value at the time a shipment is created.

Otherwise it's a max of 100 dollars. 7. If your package is not found within 30 days and someone else calls in for a missing package that matches yours, UPS can send it to them as a substitute. No kidding.

8. If your package is not found within 90 days of entering lost and found it is destroyed or sold at auction (or pocketed by an employee.) Shipping a cellphone through UPS? Don't expect it to reach it's destination. The investigation rate is over 30% for cellphone shipments, and those NEVER show up the lost and found areas.

Moral of the story: Use a different carrier. I work for them and I wouldn't ship with them ever.

to Anonymous #1101273

Hi, where are you located? I'm not so surprised to hear this information.

I recently shipped an iphone 6s with UPS, original packaging, and received an empty box. They always referred to my case as "lost or damaged", when it's clear someone opened the box, stole the phone, and resealed it. I've been very curious to find out what type of investigation is done into theft, if any at all. I am taking UPS, not the UPS store to small claims court, because I believe that the phone was stolen after it left the UPS store, at the distribution center and sold on craigslist (got a call from the buyer on craigslist who was having trouble with the phone and found my number).

Any advice you can give would be amazing. Thank you.

to Anonymous #1315239

I had the same issue. Someone at UPS (it was picked up by a driver and I was here to receive it) opened my box and stole water and cosmetics!

They then resealed the box and sent it on its way. UPS employees are lowlifes!

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1333178

You got a call from the BUYER on CRAIGSLIST? Wow, that's a coincidence ?!

So the BUYER and all his info you gave to the Police? You were the shipper and you got an empty box? Are you sure about that? Why would the BUYER get your number?

This isn't adding up. You claimed it wasn't sent and tried to make a claim and then the BUYER calls you? Dude, that makes no sense but it explains why you would need an alibi for why the stolen phone is communicating with you after you claimed it was stolen. Haha.

Why wouldn't they call Apple Tech Support if they had trouble?

Oh, probably because you said it was stolen, they file it and Apple locks it. BUSTED, GENIUS!!

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