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Update by user Sep 07, 2018

RESOLVED: After contacting the Better Business Bureau about The UPS Store, I was able to get the contact information of their corporate Consumer Relations Supervisor. In very short order, I received a phone call, where I reiterated the details of my experience.

I gave her my email address and was assured she would look into it. We exchanged a few emails and I was eventually sent a refund for the initial shipping costs. I was told she would be in contact with the store in question to follow up on their performance and seek an additional refund of the expedited return shipping costs. She requested a copy of my return shipping receipt.

I received a follow up that she was having similar difficulties getting the store to respond. After a lengthy delay, and follow up contact from me, she said the store would be issuing a full refund of my return shipping costs. Several days later, I did receive the check from the store. I consider the issue resolved.

Anyone who has a legitimate complaint about The UPS Store, needs to contact their corporate Consumer Relations Supervisor; Paige Basar. In my case, she did everything she promised she would do.

Original review posted by user Aug 08, 2018

I had a box to ship to Duluth Georgia on 7/25. I paid $167 for 2 Day Air delivery on 7/27. The Sherwood Oregon UPS Store took it upon themselves to put a Hazardous Materials Label on my box. The UPS Hub sent it back to the UPS Store.

Lie #1: Christina at The UPS Store accused me of putting the label on the box.

Lie #2: Christina at The UPS Store said I told them Lithium batteries were in the box.

Finally: Christina at The UPS Store said "I assumed there were Lithium batteries because the box had electronics inside.

I had a $10K job depending on the box being in Duluth, GA. on the 27th for repairs and sent back to me on the 30th. The box was eventually reshipped, not overnight at their expense as I requested, but 2 Business Day Air! It arrived on 7/31. This forced me to incur overnight return shipping to try and salvage the $10K job and make up for their unauthorized labeling of my package.

I have been arguing with The Sherwood UPS Store, UPS Corporate, and The UPS Store Corporate, to get a refund of my $167 and half of the overnight return shipping that was necessary due to their unethical behavior.

No one wants to accept responsibility even with Tracking Documentation and e-mails to back it all up. UPS says they are not responsible for Franchise Behavior.

The UPS Store Corporate buries you in their phone tree system with three options:

1. Track a package

2. Ship a package

3. Locate a store

Nowhere is there an option to talk to a human being about Franchise Accountability. If you press "0" to get a representative, their phone tree sends you to UPS Corporate who then tells you it's not their issue, you "need to deal with the Franchise" or "The UPS Store Corporate Customer Service 800 number or website".

It's a purposeful endless loop of unaccountability designed to keep you going round, and round and round until you give up and kiss your money goodbye.

Cristina says "Call the owner; San."

I call and "San" never returns my call.

Cristina said in an email on July 28th:

"Once again we apologize for the delay of your shipment. We are doing everything possible to rectify the situation. As it stands the package is expected to arrive at Gravotech Repair on Tuesday Jul 31, 2018 but we are trying desperately to get it there sooner if possible.

As I said on the phone as soon as the package has been delivered we will submit to corporate UPS to file a GSR to get you a refund on the shipping costs.

We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter as we work diligently to get your shipment to its destination as soon as possible.

Thank you.


It is now August 7th. Yesterday, August 6th, having not received any communication regarding my promised refund, I stopped by The UPS Store. Christina was there. I asked about my refund and she said "look, I can't cut you a check! I just submitted the refund request to my manager, Janelle Brame."

My reply: "I never asked you for a check. You said you would submit the refund request as soon as the package was delivered. It was delivered on 7/31 at 8:56 AM. Today in August 6th, 4:45 PM and you said you "just submitted the refund request to your manager!" Why did you wait a week?

Christina: "I didn't wait a week; I submitted the request several days ago." Christina just can't seem to keep her stories straight from one sentence to another.

I asked Christina if she would forward me her email request to Janelle Brame, asking for a refund of my 2 Day Air charges. . . and half of the overnight return shipping.

Christina said "I can't do that. I have to get my managers permission." In other words, Christina most likely never put forth the request "as soon as the box arrived in Duluth GA."

I asked Christina to copy me on all future emails to anyone involved in this issue. She refused.

So, UPS doesn't care if The UPS Store's use their Logos, Name and Marketing Materials - they wash their hands of anything the franchises do in the name of UPS.

The UPS Store buries you in an endless phone tree loop designed to wear you out and make you give up.

The UPS Store Franchise Owner is quick to take your money and then become Missing In Action when their employees take advantage of, and lie to, customers.

So when you hear "What Can Brown Do For You Today" you might want to change it to "What Can Brown Do TO You Today." Because taking care of the customer is not the priority; taking advantage of the customer and taking their money is number one priority.

I have emailed customerrelations@upsstore.com but hold little hope, if any, that a real person will read it and get back to me with a solution.

Unfortunately, this Unethical Behavior from all three entities forces people to do one of two things:

1. Give up and kiss your money goodbye.

2. Take it to the next level and let other professionals handle it for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Claim.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Yawnnn Next time box your @#$# up and seal the box before you take it to the store.

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