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I have been trying to have a package delivered to China since April 26, 2010. The Trussville store has offered no assistance.

Any information that I have recieved about the package has been from UPS which can not contact the UPS store for some reason. I have tracked the package and when it was not scanned for three days I called the store. They placed a tracer (5-6-10) on the package and apparently contacted UPS to let them know "they had found a problem".ha

After waiting until 5-17-10 the UPS automated line called and left a message informing me the package would be abandoned if I did not respond within four days. A live person from UPS or the store has yet to contact me.

On 5-18-10 I called the store for my tracking number and asked if they would call and give it to me, what was I thinking? I had left my copy at home and wanted to contact UPS and they can not provide the number if you mail from a store. The store is considered the shipper. I went into the store and was informed that there was a problem with the address.

When I shipped the package I handed the person a copy of the correct address and they typed it in wrong. I was informed that the reason the address is on the receipt is so I can check the spelling. Would it hurt if he checked his own work? The person at the store in trussville alabama really does not belong in a position of that much responsibility.

He should grow a pair and become a man, admit he was wrong and try to correct the problem. He has done nothing to assist me and really acts like he does not care.

Maybe his little business will just fold up and move away. NO MORE UPS NO MORE STORE they have taken the last dollar from me.

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Fact is it is your responsibility to make sure the address is correct! At the time of shipping is the time to catch any address problems!

So if you did not check the address for correctness then you have only yourself to blame. Having said that, international packages are a different breed! It is quite possible that UPS international has not contacted the ups store and they were (are) unaware of the call you received! If you want to talk about a pair, start with yourself!

Man up take responsibility for what you have done and let the ups store take responsibility for what they have done! If the clerk read the address and saw it was correct “as he saw it” then you have given away any claim you have to recover anything! So don’t point fingers unless you are willing to point to yourself first! So once again, MAN UP and get the tracking number (it is kept in the computer for years) then ask yourself, would you want to help you if you were the store owner?

They are only as helpful as your temper will allow! Help subject to change due to customer attitude!

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