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I went to the UPS Store (Store #4571) on Trimmier Ave. in Killeen, Texas on August 4, 2009 to have two framed certificates packed and shipped to an APO address in South Korea at a cost of $193.41. The cost to ship the package was $162.90 with the remaining amount for packing. The package weighed 15 lbs. with a dimension of 36X6X30 inches.

When the package did not arrive by August 29 , I emailed store 4571 from my children's home when I was in South Korea on August 30 and 31. I never received a response. On returning home, I went to the store (Sept. 8) to inquire. The manager said they could do nothing for me, it was the problem of the USPS. I asked why I did not receive a reply from the email, and her response was, "Sorry about that." I then went to our local USPS office where they researched and found that the store sent the package "space available" and it was still in transit. I was never advised that I paid that much money to have a shipment go space available.

The package finally arrived on September 14, 2009…41 days after shipping.

I emailed the corporate offices of The UPS Store via their online form on September 8, 11, 12, and 28. Each time I received an automated response that I would be contacted by UPS Store. I have yet to receive a response.

On September 12, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The complaint was forwarded to the local UPS Store on September 14 with a suspense date of September 24 to respond. The BBB contacted The UPS Store on September 25 and given another suspense date of September 28. Based on the foregoing, it is clear and unequivocal that The UPS Store does not care about their customers.

Monetary Loss: $193.


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I completely agree with the original complaint as my mother sent a package to me in Germany via the UPS store that has never arrived.Sounds like there is no recourse for us to take.

The tracking number provided began with CJ##########US, That is a customs form number and difficult to track. It is over 30 days for a package that was sent "Global Priority" and the cost was $135 for a 24x18x18 box. I recommend that no individual ever do business with these clowns.

The public needs to be aware of how the system works and use the USPS for all APO address when possible.If you think the government is bad, private business is worse when it comes to filing a claim and getting anything done or getting your money back, it will never happen, nothing but the run around.


I meant don't give a sh*& about the military personal i can't type !:)


Flat rate boxes That save you tons of money! If it would have fit. It just goes to show you that some people do give a Sh*% about the military personal.



"Foremost, the UPS store SHOULD have told Countrynewman that they would just end up taking his package to the USPS for shipping, something he could have done himself and save at least $100."

So by that logic, before I sell someone a box of paperclips for $1.99, I should tell them that they could go to WalMart and purchase the same thing for $1.49? LOL! That's really not how the economy works, not in America anyway.

Every product or service is marked up over the original cost. The fact that some people think postage should somehow be exempt from this is baffling.


The issue that should be addressed is that any shipping company should be aware of shipping policies to APO/FPO AND they should make certain their customers are aware of those policies. Ignorance is bliss and if you walk into a shipping company willing to pay $160+ in shipping costs you can bet your behind they will most likely let you because you are money in the bank. Most people are informed enough to know that you CANNOT beat the USPS prices for shipping anything to APO/FPO and if you think size matters, read the regulations. I've shipped a set of wheels and tires for less than $90 so this person got the ripoff.

Is the UPS store to blame here? Yes, they are partly responsible for this fiasco as is Countrynewsman. Both for not being informed. While for obvious reasons the USPS cannot guarantee delivery times overseas, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL etc...can, with a reasonable certainty based upon how much a person is willing to pay for the guarantee.

Foremost, the UPS store SHOULD have told Countrynewman that they would just end up taking his package to the USPS for shipping, something he could have done himself and save at least $100. I don't believe any company would throw away up to $100 profit from one transaction. Of course shipping companies don't send anything "Space Available" this is a military term and you can opt to send a package Space A but you can bet it will wait for the space!

Minnesota store person is fantastically misinformed about packages taking weeks and being lost. A vast majority of that problem lies in the hands of the shipper, and the shipping method they use. See, if you ship an item to an APO/FPO, it first must travel via whatever mailing option the requester paid for and the shipper chooses. Many a time a person pays for priority shipment and the shipper pockets a few bucks by sending it standard. This matters because a package receives priority mail treatment only within US borders. Once it reaches the military processing center, priority is lost effectively ending priority treatment and the loss of guaranteed delivery time. The process is reversed when items hit the processing center from APO/FPO where priority is processed in the center and sent to the appropriate major mail hub for priority delivery.

To boot, Minnesota is also wrong about the size and methods available for sending large packages. Not just wrong, but DEAD WRONG. My goodness you wonder why the guy is so upset!! Aren't you supposed to be the expert? If you were, you'd know that the USPS ships items greater in size than that (hence my wheels and tires plus a snowboard or two). For the record, my wheels and tires arrived approximately six days after the shipping date.

The lesson here is to trust the USPS until warp technology takes over if you're not shipping a heart or a liver. NEVER use a shipping company to ship to APO/FPO because you're just throwing money away and Ginger, the receptionist will take it to the USPS anyway. Enough with this Tomfoolery.

:eek :p :roll :p :grin


That store should have taken the initiative of getting back to you sooner. But, if you are sending to an APO, and it is clearly a USPS shipment, why would you take it to a UPS Store where you know there will be obvious surcharges, and UPS wont be handling the package? In my opinion, you are partially at fault for not going directly to the Post Office for this.


Well your e-mails certainly should not have been ignored, I won't argue with that.But I can assure you as someone who has managed a UPS Store (a good one) for the past 6 years, there is no "space available" option to select when shipping something USPS.

There is parcel post, priority, and express mail."Space available" is a term used by the military when transporting cargo or passengers.


Paulyicecubes: Everything I have sent directly through the post office to the APO address of my son-in-law has been sent priority and has been received in about five days.Nevertheless, that is not my major complaint.

Again, the UPS Store refused to reply to my two emails when I requested assistance, as did their corporate office. All I got from the store was, "Sorry 'bout that". Had they told me the package was no doubt sent Space Available, it would have helped relieve the situation. I cannot accept UPS' final answer that they were unaware of space available.

It happens to be on the USPS website as I later discovered.

I did not, and do not, tolerate their lack of communication.When the corporate office finally contacted me, as a result of my BBB complaint, the matter was resolved.


Whenever shipping to an APO or an FPO, your package is being picked up by the US Postal service, and eventually turned over to the US Military's Postal service, it is NEVER shipped via UPS.The same thing would have happened if you had taken it to the post office.

There are no time guarantees when shipping through the military's postal service.

I've seen APO packages take three months before.Maybe you should call the United States Air Force and tell them to move faster, lol.


Too bad you were compelled to post twice.

Maybe you should learn to read. Note that I requested, more than once, a response from the UPS Store. Further, the corporate office would not respond UNTIL they received the complaint from the BBB.

Apology? Hardly.

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