Just stumbled upon this site. I have used the ups Store a couple of times and had the impression that it was operated by ups.

I always pack everything myself as I trust myself more than others when it comes to things I care about. I just used them for convenience dropping boxes off to be shipped on a Sat as ups are not open on Sat.

I also a good estimate as to what shipping cost will be, but was in shock when I was quoted almost double at the ups store. And when I called ups to inquire about the disparity, I was told that the ups store is independent from ups. Yes they charge you for just leaving the package at the place awaiting pickup (a lot at that).

So, no more patronizing the ups store. Folks, it is not hard or expensive to buy some shipping supplies and pack it securely yourself and bring it to the ups office.

The ups store is a middle man and from what I have read, does not justify their price for the type of services they provide. You feel better and more in control of the fate of the items you are shipping.

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I had to return some AT&T internet equipment, and they told me to take it to a UPS Store. Stupid me, I didn't know the difference and took it to a UPS location, where they told me they couldn't help me and I had to go to a UPS Store. I had made a special trip, and I was pretty pissed, too!

to Rodney #1462336

How were you upset at The UPS Store? The UPS Store must’ve helped you right?

The UPS Store is a much better alternative to UPS Customer Center hubs. They do much more than the hubs.


I wondered about this. I will be taking my shipments to UPS from now on unless I need to use the third party for convenience sake.


I would not recommend using the UPS store for any of your shipping needs. They will tell you it is the same price for their services but they add exorbitant surcharges on to everything making it much higher that other outlets. Unless you want to be overcharged do not ship at any UPS store locations.

South Elgin, Illinois, United States #1102996

I had my wife take a 5 pound package to a UPS Store to ship via UPS ground with a declared value of $4,000. The retail rate for Declared Value on UPS.com is $.90 per $100 of valuation, but at the UPS Store it was more than twice that!

My wife was charged more than $88 for the shipment. It seems these stores are free to charge whatever they want on value added services such as declared value and there are no published rates available online. You are at there mercy when you walk in. UPS may think it's a clever way to comp the franchise stores, but it's a very poor reflection on UPS.

A 100% markup is simply price gouging. I for one will take my business elsewhere.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1103665

The UPS Stores typically do charge more for the add-on services like "Declared Value." They do not charge more for the shipping itself. The reason they charge more is because they handle the claims paperwork if a package gets lost or damaged by UPS.

The rates cannot be published online because each store is individually owned and charge a different price. It's not the same at each UPS Store so it's not feasible to publish those online.

to Anonymous #1470816

You're an idiot.


They do not charge you for you to just drop a box off. Also the price for shipping varies from account to account depending on what tier level you have.

The UPS stores have regulated pricing per their franchise agreement. Get your facts straight.


I used a UPS Store just a mile from my house to send a box of Christmas gifts from VA to WI which weighed about 21 pounds and it cost me $41 for regular ground shipment. I paced it myself and the package arrived in 3 days (shipped on 18 Dec and arrived at destination on 21 Dec).

This Store told me they couldn't guarantee delivery by Christmas and tried to get me to a $84 guaranteed delivery.

These places are a total ripoff. Cheaper to drive to a Real UPS location of FedEx if available - lesson learned.

to Anonymous #922747

What they meant is Ground service is not money back guaranteed like 3-day service is. That's the same if you took it to a UPS hub.

That's because of the extra volume of packages during the holidays. The prices are the same at both places.

The individual UPS Stores do charge extra for add on services like insurance because they handle the claim for you. Everything else is the same.

to Nick1346 #1079149

Nick1346, you are incorrect. The UPS store also charges a $0.20 cent processing fee that is not charged by UPS. Facts are Facts.

to Tony Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1090167

No, I am not incorrect. UPS Ground is not guaranteed from December 11 to December 24th.

UPS 3, 2, and 1 Day services are guaranteed. However, UPS Stores do end up charging a 20 cent fee imposed by UPS through The UPS Stores.

$0.20 is negligible which is why we say it's the same. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get notified of the reply until someone else posted in here.

Tustin, California, United States #865542

Those denying overcharging and those proclaiming employees can't overcharge under threat of franchise revocation are liars, likely franchisees trying to protect an illusion. Here's the real deal.

When FedEx acquired Kinko's, a company called Mailboxes Etc. was approached by UPS to create their version of convenient shipping outlets. Not wanting to invest a bunch of capital towards ownership and management of thousands of locations, UPS created an arrangement with Mailboxes Etc. franchisee owners to couple the UPS name in exchange for certain perks.

To make the name change appealing to the franchisees, UPS devised a system that allowed any package, originating from any UPS Store(previous Mailboxes Etc.), to enjoy a significant discount on shipping fees tendered for shipping, regardless of what they charge the shipping customer. In other words, contrary to the liars and franchisees who've posted to the contrary, the UPS Store can and will charge any amount of money they can successfully charge those *** enough to pay, without any retribution. This perk enabled UPS to create thousands of locations, virtually overnight, without significant investment. Which the perk, something I'm angrily and painfully aware of, these greedy franchisees would have little incentive to carry the UPS name.

Of course, some issues can be explained via checking wrong box, errors in stated weight and size, but the vast majority of instances related to gouging is simply greed. Most of the kids that process the orders are encouraged to gouge by way of commission.

to Scoobysteven #1372551

You have not idea what you said,bla bla,bla


Why does there tracking not register at a real ups site and then transfers you to yet another site for tracking? (Iship.com)??

to why Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #750829

What are you talking about? You can put your tracking number into ups.com and it will work perfectly fine.

to why #1196888

The UPS Store have their own tracking numbers. It creates a UPS tracking number after the UPS labels is printed. the UPS Store tracking number can be used at the UPS.com site, but you must put it in as a reference number.


The UPS Stores charge the same amount as the retail price if you go to the UPS Customer counter. The only time it should be cheaper is if a customer obtains a UPS account from UPS.

Anaheim, California, United States #707583


A 10x10x10 package that weighs 1.7 pounds cost roughly $10 to ship directly through UPS from CA to TX. At the UPS STORE (with no additional services), it cost $16.

I called up UPS to ask them if this was a mistake and the representative gave me the run around until he finally blurted out YES THEY CAN CHARGE WHATEVER THEY WANT on shipping charges alone! I asked again to make sure and told them that "Services" and "shipping" are two different things and he replied that YES, they can charge whatever they want for ground/air shipping charges.

Now, maybe this UPS customer service rep was wrong, I dont know, but why did the UPS store charge $16 to ship THE SAME package that was weighed at a UPS shipping center for $10? The UPS store didnt do anything, just weighed it and quoted a price. I asked him "would this be the same price at the UPS shipping center in Anaheim?" And he said YES...WRONG! It was $6 cheaper at the UPS shipping center!

to blaze Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #709032

No, UPS Store's do not charge more for shipping. There is a 20 cent fee imposed by UPS to use their CMS system developed for UPS Stores.

Other than that, there is no additional fee for shipping. Like the "Anonymous from Cortland, NY" said, if a store marks up more than they are allowed to, the store is screwed by the home office.

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