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On December 20, 2010, I went to the UPS Store in Aberdeen, SD to pick up a guitar that I had them package. Upon arrival I asked the cost to ship the item to Hong Kong, China and was told that it would cost over $800.00.

I told them that I had looked up the shipping on the USPS website and it should be about $150.00 to ship. The UPS Store changed me $67.00 to package the guitar. I took the package and went to the post office and was told that the over all size was too large to be shipped by USPS. I called the UPS Store and asked if they would reduce the size of the box so that it could be shipped by USPS and they told me that there would be an additional charge.

I mentioned that they charged $67.00 to package it and that it was useless because it was too large. The manager got on the phone and flatly refuse to alter the packaging without additional charges.

I paid the UPS Store in Aberdeen, South Dakota $67.00 for packaging and now I have to repackage it in order to ship. LOSS = $67.00 I would encourage anyone thinking of doing business with the UPS Store in Aberdeen, SD to reconsider and find a service provider that stands behind their service and strives to provide customer service.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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If you have a UPS Store CUSTOM MAKE a box for you, that takes TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT. You are literally paying for the box, peanuts, bubble wrap if necessary, and the LABOR it took to pack that box.

Not only that, but I'm assuming that since you used the word "customized," that means that they either had to use more than one box and put it together, alter the shape of the box, or cut one down. Either way, once you have customized a box, you cannot use that box again! It has been rendered absolutely USELESS.

So of course they wanted to charge you to REPACK the box. It's called not wanting to lose money, and you, sir, are a ***.


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Do you have ANY idea what work it takes to empty a box filled with peanuts just to remove the item, "customize" the box, and re-pack it???

Of course they wanted to charge you extra! It's not their fault that you decided to go USPS, if you did the research you should have let them know your plans (keeping in mind, that they are UPS not USPS)

If you go into the post office and ask them about ups sizing rules, I guarantee they will know nothing of them .. why? Because when it comes down to it USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. are all competing companies. Yet people expect UPS to know the rules of each individual company. Would you go to Mcdonalds and expect them to know the menu items of Burger King? Probably not.

Sucks that you had the issue, and while I understand why you went USPS for shipping with the large price gap - it's not UPS's fault that the box you took to the post office was too large to ship internationally.


Probably should have mentioned the size limitations before asking them to pack it eh?

It was a mistake on your part, but you have to have someone else to blame. You aren't especially bright, are you?


rick is 100% right.

they can't cut down the box if it is already packaged and ready to go.

they have to use whole another box. therefore they have to charge you more for the box.

Mineville, New York, United States #226966

You are obviously a shill and your comments are not doing anything but inflaming the issue.

Each time you post a reply I post links to pages that will drive the complaints higher and higher in the search engine.

You should have called me and discussed this instead of launching some counter-campaign. You cannot possibly have the SEO skills that I have so you will be doing the UPS Store in Aberdeen, SD a favor by ceasing your lame attempt at damage control.


I have utilized the services of The UPS Store on numerous occasions and have had nothing but positive experiences on each & every visit. Their staff is very knowledgeable, well trained and continually strive to provide top notch customer service. As I read your comments, several things are very obvious to me. You took the guitar to the UPS Store to be packaged. They packaged the guitar per your request, according to the standards they are trained in. I’m guessing the $67 you were charged were for materials and labor to package your item? Did you expect them to do it for nothing? You queried the USPS (postal) site for shipping estimates? And then expected The UPS Store to honor that price? The USPS & UPS are two completely different shipping options with contrasting benefits. In my opinion, UPS is the best of the two shipping options. If you have done your research, you should know what those are without me explaining them here. Being disgruntled about the shipping price due to the size of your packaged item, you then asked them to repackage the item to a certain size to be able to ship via USPS (postal), and NOT have to pay a repackaging fee? I would also think you would have asked about the shipping price before it was packaged.

Tell me this; where else can you return an item that was exactly how you had ordered it initially, expecting them to make it ‘right’ after the fact? And then not have to pay for additional time & labor? Also, if you are upset about paying a ‘repackaging fee’, and it is as simple as reducing the size of the box, do you know how to use a scissors, exacto knife & tape measure? It shouldn’t be that difficult for you to do & it won’t cost you anything other than your time. And if you expect The UPS Store to take the time to do it for no charge, then you shouldn’t need to be paid for your time & efforts either….


if there was a maximum size limit you needed the box to adhere to, you probably should have indicated that BEFORE you told them to pack it.

And you can't just "reduce" the box size, it would most likely have to be re packed completely. of course you'd have to pay for that.

this is totally your own stupidity.


Did you check with FedEx? A lot of times they're less hassle anyway.

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