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Went to ship 1 lbs 8oz package via UPS Store 2910 and they wanted to charge me $105..after several attempts by 2 different employees ( both rather unpleasant and rude ) to find out why and not getting a answer I left the store with a great dislike. I have spent over 20 minutes and was treated rudely. I also was ignored and another customer was taken ahead of me while she was working on my package so she can have another easier "job".I used USPS and paid lousy $16 to ship overseas...I will not use this store again , I have to be afraid I am responsible for the store-rent !!!

Monetary Loss: $23.

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First, please tell the truth! You are shipping an international package?

UPS will be there in 2 or 3 days guaranteed! Your post office shipment went Priority Mail, No Guarantee of ANY KIND! So you are complaining that UPS charges too much for flying their multimillion dollar airplane to get your package overseas in hours verses USPS who will get it there in WEEKS? I’ll bet you are a professional complainer.

To complain about a store that has no ability to charge more than UPS rates. What’s wrong with America? Look in the mirror! And what’s all this about boxes?

Why would Mom and Pop stores want to make money? You need to shop only at Wal-Mart and support China and Vietnam, Comrade!


Ripped off you are such fraud first you don’t give the box size or the quality of the box, moving boxes are cheaper then shipping boxes and shipping boxes are cheaper then heavy duty boxes. Second the price you paid sounds like it included packing materials and labor.

Third you did not mention how much it would cost to get the box delivered to you and you did not mention the minimum quantity you have to order.

Now with the mark up on any box the store has to buy the box, packing materials and pay for the employee who helps you, he has to pay the rent, the electric bill, the gas bill, the phone bill and still make some money for himself. So in what world do you think you got ripped off?


How about this. If you buy a box from the UPS store look on the bottom and find the supplier.

I contacted Riverside paper and found that the same box the UPS store charged me $11.00 for was sold by this paper company for $1.06!!!! Just say no to the UPS store.


Fedex Kinkos is Better-

Why do you think you would get better service at heartless corporate chain store than you would with a locally owned business? That's completely backwards logic.

UPS Store owners actually care about their customers. (Some are better than others of course) Kinkos employees don't give damm if you come back. I had to go in there once to print some stuff out and they charged $5.00 to print out 10 black and white pages.

I went to the UPS Store the next time and it was $6.00 for 100 pages of the same thing. Nice service.


You can use UPS, but not the UPS Store. The UPS Store is nothing but a franchise store.

It's an independent owner, and UPS doesn't care because the independent owner ships UPS. Go with a corporate chain like FedEx Kinkos or go with UPS directly, but cut out the useless middle man.


That's due to the fact that the post office has and still is overpaying to the federal pension fund to the tune of 85 Billion dollars. If congress allowed them to pay what they actually owe the post office would easily be in the black again.


Yep the post office loses approximately 45 million dollars a day. It looks like a cheaper option on the surface, but you're paying for it eventually.



Your right Express mail is cheaper and I am sure you don’t mind that USPS is operating at a 2 billion dollar deficit and your tax dollars subsidize every package to the point that there closing a bunch of local post offices. I bet you yell the loudest when your post office is closed.


Two words, Express Mail. Cheaper and better alternative.


UPS and Fedex are both rapid air services when shipping international. They don't own any boats.

The post office is much cheaper. It's also a lot slower and less accountable.

"after several attempts by 2 different employees ( both rather unpleasant and rude ) to find out why and not getting a answer I left the store with a great dislike."

Why did you need to keep asking them?

It's not like you can haggle with them and get a lower price. Sounds like you were probably being a pain in the a$$.

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