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I paid to have a laboratory microtome packed and shipped from the UPS Store in Russellville AR...It was destroyed in shipping. It was worth about $600, but they will only pay $100 after about a month and a half of complaining. It was poorly packaged, but the store owner said "sorry, you should have insured it". I assumed if they packed it, they would do a good job and it would arrive undamaged.....not so....

The pack and ship promise is just means when your stuff is broken, they wont try to deny the claim based on your inferior packing as they usually does not mean your package will arrive undamaged!!

They lied to me for a month about having the claim forms...but when I called UPS, they said they sent the forms to the store long ago....The owner just did not want to pay..bottom line...he hoped I would just go away

Dont use the UPS Store in Russellville, AR!!

Monetary Loss: $500.


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I see they ran you out of Phoenix did you fail the IQ test.??? Here is a little test for you, open a word document spell whoopee with an IE like you do on all you’re post and then spell check.

Cabot, Arkansas, United States #582664

Also....It's Definitely not spelled WHOPPIE......

Stick with hammering nails Mr.

WHOPPIE !!!!***

Cabot, Arkansas, United States #582662

Keepin it alive!!!!! :). Whoopie!!!!!!!

Cabot, Arkansas, United States #582661

I never said it was used in the 'insurance business' you dork!It's a laboratory microtome.....

Used in a lab......

As I said earlier..stick with construction you uneducated ***...Whoopie!!!!!!!!!


I took your advice and looked up what a Microtome is. Yes I admit I don't know everything. But what I do know is this instruments is not used in the insurance business as you claimed in an earlier post. That makes you a fraud and nobody can believe anything you say. Not only are you a fake you can't spell either. Look up the correct spelling of Whoppie. In conclusion you're a liar that can't spell.




PS what is a didnt?????


Please keep posting your incredible insight on this issue while I am gone, further my cause with each post....



Thats why I said "some", ***...

When people google "UPS store in Russellville" to get an address or phone number...they stumble upon this thread (try it) and I am sure some go elsewhere.

Stick with construction....thats where all the "critical thinking" happens....

Your momma must work at that store for you to be so interested in this thread....

I have lost interest in talking to you. I will spark up this thread in another year. You do realize this thread is nearly 2 years old.....and it still draws interest. That was my goal and I appreciate your help in keeping it going Mr. construction guy. Now, go look up "Microtome"....Talk to ya next year!


OK Glen I stand corrected You work in the mail room.

Let me give you a piece of advice, every time you post you sound dimmer and dimmer.

For example " we can assume some of the 1153 people who didn't comment took their business somewhere else." 1) The number 1153 does not include multiple hits. 2) The majority of the hits come from people who don't live in Russellville AR. This is the World wide web not the Russellville web.

3) You're comments are childish and show a total lack of critical thinking.



88 comments and 1241 hits on this thread....

we can assume some of the 1153 people who didnt comment took their business somewhere else.



....of course you wouldnt know what it are in the CONSTRUCTION business....


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