Went to the UPS store loocation #5061 after work today around 5:30pm and was greeted by a grunt from the"delightful" (sarcasm) employee Adelle. I had shoes to return and they were just in the shoebox and the company I received them from had sent a shipping label.

I told her I needed to return the shoes she grabbed the shipping label and placed it directly on the shoebox.

I asked her if I would need anything else to which she tersely replied "You have the label right!" I had done nothing to provoke such an attitude. I asked her what about the fact that the shoebox is still open or do I need insurance or anything.

To which she barked at me in response "you gave me the label all I can do is put it on and ship it." Wow this was a completely unwarranted reaction to my simple question. Such condescension and treatment of a customer is completely unexcusable I and my family will be boycotting use of UPS indefinitely.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #792489

You did think to ask about buying a box or putting it in a box? Did she just attack you at the door, rip the label out of your hand and put it on the box?

Or did you walk in and say "I have to return these shoes and I have a label what do I do? Duh?" But yes it did seem like the girl was a ***.

to UPSGirl Los Angeles, California, United States #792490

Sorry, Correction- Did you think to ask about buying a box or putting it in a box before you got there?


I think UPS could care less about your decision. I also think the employee was trying to make your visit fast.

After all, you handed her a shipping label through a different account from theirs to which that particular UPS Store has no way to change or add any insurance to.

You are just as ignorant as the abovementioned employee by ceasing support to UPS. Go to USPS and watch your mail disappear.


Does anyone have Matt's shipper number again? I have a huge overnight and don't feel like paying for it with these crappy rates that UPS gives me


Raymond, MBE does not own the UPS stores. They individually owned and operated. MBE collects royaties and licenses new franchises.UPS does own MBE.


It is unfortunate that you had such a negative experience with a disgruntled employee. However I do believe you are going a little far by boycotting a company (UPS) for the negative attitude of an employed of The UPS Store.

By the way, MBE owns the UPS stores not UPS. Your aggression is not warranted.


The employee is just following the program!


another lie Matt will tell you is that the ups store and the internet and the counter are all priced the same. Did you know that UPS stores mark up accessorial charges such as declared value, saturday delivery, sig.

required and many others? Matt will not tell you this, he will rip you off.


What classy people that own UPS stores are. Did you know that from Matt's location you can get UPS ground to any place in the country in 3 day's?

Matt won't tell you this because he was trained to lie and tell customers it's not garanteed or UPS handles air much more gently. Then he will rip you off and upsell you air services that you don't need.

Can you say "fraud"? That's what the man who calls people "godless" does everyday of his miserable existence.


Jim/Bill/Jim all one person is a godless *** bag who makes fun of SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN he should be ignored and dismissed.

On a personal note the next time you post can you use the name Bob then I can call you Jim-bill Jim-bob that has a much nicer rin

And for one last thing thanks for the plug I expect sales to jump 10%


If anyone else wants to complain to UPS about Matt:

Matthew Hellmer

The UPS Store # 5612



Phone: (708)423-9449


Matt you are becoming pathetic, please try to salvage whats left of your dignity.


Jim/Bill and Jim all one person is a godless *** bag who makes fun of SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN he should be ignored and dismissed.


Exactly Bill, Matt is still drunk on the corporate koolaide. He knows deep down UPS robbed him but instead being brave he lashes out at people like us who try to help him. Poor, dumb slob.


Matt, That is the way you speak to drop-off customers when they come into your store when you are not on here lying,slandering and insulting special needs people. You are sooooo sleazy.

Typical of a UPS store owner.

Now go back to work and price gouge some poor, uniformed people. Sad,sad strange little man.


To all out there:

Jim/Bill is a godless *** bag who makes fun of SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN he should be ignored and dismissed.


Keep building that drop-off business, and see how many months the landlord will wait for his rent before he slaps an eviction notice on you! UPS is using you, and you just can't or don't or won't see it!

You are all dying a slow death. Good luck in your future occupation!


To all out there:

Jim is a godless *** bag who makes fun of SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN he should be ignored and dismissed.


matt you are sleaze. The devil has a special demon set aside for you.



You piece of dog excrement where the *** is your proof that I exploit them to advertise my store. Why don’t you grow a *** between your legs and become a man, and come up with some proof.

I am sure the Special Olympics would like to know that corporate sponsors according to you are appalling, tacky and exploiting them. The bottom line is you insulted special need children.

You are a godless *** bag. There is such a thing as karma in this world and you will get yours.

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