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I wanted to return an eBay purchase. I sent it back to the return address given on the original shipping label. It turned out that the return address was that of the UPS Store it had been shipped from. When it arrived, the operator called me. She said they could hold it if the seller agreed to pay a fee for pickup. I asked them to hold it while I contacted the seller, but they sent it back to me within hours. The seller turned up soon after, but the package was gone.

The original shipping label listed two addresses. When the package came back to me, I naturally shipped it to the second one. But it was the same UPS store. She called me again, and I asked her to ship it to the seller. I said I was willing to pay for it, but I thought they should because the mixup was their fault. The operator became very angry and refused to hold the package or ship it, either one.

The seller is a frequent customer and the package originated at their store; I feel that they had an obligation to facilitate the return. Now I have to pay a *third* time to send the same package back to the same person.

This wouldn't have happened IF:

The UPS store hadn't used their own address as the return address

They hadn't listed two versions of their own address

They'd held it just a little while longer the first time

They'd held the package or shipped it the second time

A little customer service wouldn't have cost them anything; but the lack DID cost me money.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Anchorage, Alaska, United States #782863

Lets clear some stuff up,

Undroid seems to be a pleasent fellow so....

1)The original shipping label: on every domestic shipping label generated by the UPS Store via ISHIP the originating location is always going to be the sending UPS Store location.International shipping labels puts the customers address though, don't ask me why.

There is no way that there is 2 different address for that UPS Store....there's something wrong here.

2)The receiving UPS Store has no way to look up the original "sellers" information to contact them unless a phone number was provided. And the store is not obligated to hold that package for anytime unless that customer was a mailbox holder that is. Nearly all UPS Stores charge for receiving packages for people that are not mailbox holders...some UPS Stores outright refuse any packages that is not for mailbox customers due to liabilities.

3) If you didn't open the package and RTS the box back, then yes the original UPS Store would have to deal with the problem but in this case it seems that you opened the package and shipped it via UPS Store from the Seattle area.

For future refrence, you could of called the Seattle UPS Store to do a delivery intercept or an address correction...

since they were in control of the shipment going back.

The address correction is free, I don't remember the cost of delivery intercept.Hate to say this but most of this could of been avoided by talking to...

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to on lunch #782885

Agreed, I should have verified it.I made a mistake, no argument there.

But this review isn't about me, it's about the store owner's reaction.

She could have seen my mistake as a business opportunity. Instead, she chose to be extremely rude and got a snarky review on Pissed Consumer. (Alongside her other internet reviews, most of which likewise mention this person's lousy attitude)

My local UPS store has my name & phone on file. In this case, the bwitch on the other end *did* look up the seller; she told me so.

She could have called him, I couldn't - all I had was an email address. There was no way I could tip him off in the two-hour time window she gave me. As I mentioned earlier, he *did* show up for the package - so she not only cost me money, but she did the same to a regular customer!

I talked to my local store about this, they said that UPS gives them no such deadline, they can and will hold a package for pickup.

They're more than happy to help straighten something out, even if there isn't a profit involved.

They get good reviews and repeat customers.

The bwitch gets reviews that say, "I'm never going back"

to Undroid Anchorage, Alaska, United States #782922

Hi Undroid,

Did the Seattle UPS Store mention address correction/ delivery intercept when this was happening?If they didn't, they aren't doing their jobs very well or are too lazy to make the call :P Hopefully this isn't the case.

It is absolutely true that UPS does not really give a deadline on RTS packages.

I've seen people return unopened RTS packages 5months after it was delivered. That's partially because a lot of accounts get charged for RTS shipments. Bigger companies don't however. Depends on the contract negotiated.

The liability I was alluding to was the fact the store have to account for a package in their store that they otherwise wouldnt have to.

I'm not saying that the unfriendly owner should of not tried harder but .....there always is more information to consider.

to eating dinner #782939

> Did the Seattle UPS Store mention address correction?

My local folks didn't know what was going on at the time & I didn't know I could do that.Now I do; thank you, Mr.

dinner. ;-)

(But I wonder whether the bwitch knew that...)

I do understand the liability aspect, it's a perfectly valid concern. You take a risk when you run any business.

With shippers it's the responsibility for other people's property; a restaurant risks giving their customers E.Coli; and a politician takes the risk of being hung by his constituents.


Undroid- I like your comments!And you are right, you have to be polite no matter what.

Even if the customer is wrong (I don't think you were but I'll happily take a snarky comment!).If you deal with a problem politely, the customer leaves happy and comes back happy!

to QueenB Des Moines, Iowa, United States #774999


Thank you, QueenB.I got my business savvy from my mother.

She ran her own highly successful business for over 25 years.

She liked to say, "It takes ten happy customers to gain one new customer, but it only takes one unhappy customer to lose ten."

Thanks to the internet, we can multiply that by a thousand.That's *very* good for the good business people, and for the others ...?


You should not take pre-paid 50 pound packages to a UPS store. Why dont you call for a pickup you cheap ****.

Many owners are flooded with up to 100 drop offs per day and the last thing they need is you and your 50 pound pre-paids. So fccckkk offf.

to shield22 Seattle, Washington, United States #774865

uhhh ...Einstein?

I find it helps just a whole lot to READ a review BEFORE I comment on it.

You might consider the same approach rather than embarrassing yourself again.


1) This was a FIVE pound package

2) It was NOT prepaid

3) I dropped it off in Seattle, NOT NJ

4) If the owner doesn't like the terms of the contract, he doesn't have to sign it.fffffollow yyyyyyyour ooooown aaaaaadvice.

to Undroid Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #774878

Wow, you are absolutely ***.They made no mistake.

You said they weren't going to pay, they returned it. You should have transferred the money to pick up the package from your account to the sellers! (via PayPal) you made the mistake of that.

We (as the UPS Store--not this store, another store) are the shipper, not our customer, so we are the return address.If you are being rude to them, they are going to be rude to you.

to Nick1346 Seattle, Washington, United States #774888

I gotta give you the same advice as I did to Einstein.READ the review BEFORE commenting.

I never said the seller wasn't going to pay.

He even went down to the store to pick up the package. If they were in that much of a hurry, they could have contacted the seller themselves. He's a regular customer: an eBay seller who uses them for all his business.

I often use my local UPS Store - my labels say "Ship From: [Undroid]" and "Shipped Through: [UPS Store]" In fact, they'll refuse to send one with their own address as the return address.

I assumed the NJ store operated in the same manner.

I was very polite the first couple of times I spoke with this person, even though she was quite rude. The third time, I was angry because she had already cost me time and money. Even then, I was still polite. She got all huffy and refused to provide the service she's in business to provide.

That reaction cost me even more time and money. Only then did I get impolite, *VERY* impolite and I do not apologize for that in the least.

Some more advice from someone who's run his own business: if you've got an unhappy customer, that's the WORST time to be short tempered yourself. If you are patient and kind, you'll have a loyal customer for life.

If not - you'll get reviews like this one on Pissed Consumer.It's your choice.

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