I brought back a package shipped to me by UPS to be returned. The woman at the counter questioned accused me of opening the package, nullifying the return to sender mechanism. I never opened the package. Then, the package never arrived to the sender.

I know it isn't guaranteed to be returned, but I have never had problems before.

Plus, they charge exorbitant rates >8(. The price for USPS shipping is marked up 30%. I don't mind paying a surcharge, but this is ridiculous-10% would acceptable. Convenience isn't worth 20% or at least a warning.

My business will go elsewhere in the future!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Sounds like you need to walk down the corner and stand in line at the post office, PLEASE! Our businesses do not need any more customers like you who refuse to listen when they have things explained to them.

Lake Forest, California, United States #792485

You didn't spend any money here so who cares!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #761952

The return to sender policy has nothing to do with The UPS Store.That's UPS.

And 30% isn't that bad.

I'm sure they're glad you're not going back.Have fun standing in line at the Post Office!

Orlando, Florida, United States #761072

How the eff is a business supposed to stay open with a 10 percent profit margin?Do you honestly think that everything you buy was bought buy the seller for onoy 10 percent less than you paid???

A typical retail mark-up from cost is 100 percent.

Maybe you should go stand in line at USPS.Your brain might fit in better there.

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