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Friday the 18th of feb i went to UPS store in Rio Grande, nj to express shipp a package for one of my customers who need a birthday outfit for sat. They told me that the state did not have shipping frieght going through there on weekends so i said ok. He asked me if i wanted to ship the SMALL box anyway. He said it would be 4bucks and change. I said ok thats fine as long as it gets there monday or tuesday.

Well i got home looked over my recipt for my package i just shipped and get the tracking, the tracking didnt work, and i noticed that i was charge 74.12.

I was about to go crazy but i said ok let me call and figure this out. Probably just a mistake because what tiny box cost 74 bucks to ship reg mail right? So i called and someone tells me the guy who rung me up isnt there and wont be in till monday noon. So ok i wait till then, the guy then tells me that my box wont get there till friday. !!!! Now im really pissed because even though 74 bucks is crazy for express mail its even more insane for reg shipping.

I called back today and he tells me that he told me that it was 74 bucks, which i told him he did not. If it was i would have NEVER shipped with them. It cost me less than 4 bucks with shipping to ship the same box through usps and thats with tracking. i ship every day pretty much so i would know.and customer would have gotten it monday or tuesday the lasted. He tells me no they wouldnt have. rofl now at this point im boiling over. My freaking blood pressure is problem sky high.

I have boutique i work out of my house, my post office is across the street and they know me very well. You are seriously telling me that i wouldnt know when my customers get ther package. ugh

Im going back over there in the morning with my husband this time. They better give me proof that my package cost 74 bucks to ship reg mail for it to get there to the almost next state over by friday or i will have papers served to them. Im the wrong person to try and screw over.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Naw UPS a trip. I've shipped one box and all i had to do was pay for the box.

These ppl charge me 2x as if I paid for two boxes. I didn't notice until I got home because the guy got me talking about shoes.


What is that picture of a godawful outfit doing posted here? People pay for that (I mean outside a thrift store)?

Is that the cr@p you sent? UPS should have thrown that away instead of transporting it.


Sunday is a non-delivery day, Saturday is limited delivery available in remote/rural locations, had you gone on a weekday it would have arrived in less than 24 hours. Instead it arrived the Next business Day, and obviously faster than you were williong to wait for the Post Office considering you bypassed the USPS who is 'right across the street.

The only way I see your transaction got screwed up is when you stated 'I said ok thats fine as long as it gets there monday or tuesday' they should have offered the NDA or the 2Day options. Both of which are guaranteed, unlike a 1st class option.

Either way they certainly don't owe you any kind of refund, and didn't in anyway overcharge you.


I was not aware it was being sent express since i was told it would not get there the next day,so i said its fine that reg shipping would get it there later than i thought but whatever (which it did not get there next day. )I was then asked if i wanted to ship the package and i said yes. I didnt even notice my paper till after i got home.

Next Day Air, and it got there 3 days later.


Fact: A .80 pound (13 ounce) 1st class package would cost more than $4 via the post office if you included delivery confirmation. 1st class is not an express shipping method, nor is it insured or guaranteed for time of arrival.

Fact: You asked to 'express shipp (sic)' a package, that would tell me you want it there as fast as possible. So yes Next Day Air, guaranteed btw, would meet those qualifications.

Fact: NJ is not next to OK, it's more like 1500 miles.

Fact: Next Day Air, 1500 miles away, even if less that a pound, depending on the size of the package, can cost $74.

You received an express service with guaranteed time frame, tracking and insurance. And you paid accordingly. So what exactly is the problem?


It was sent Next Day Air, which is the fastest service, and it was delivered Monday at noon.

You did say in your original post that it was sent to "almost next state over." New Jersey to Oklahoma is not close to being the next state over. Distance travelled certainly plays a part in determining the price. It also sounds like it's a rural area, since there was no Saturday delivery option, and that can also raise the price.


ok, i had to call them for the right one.


i still do not believe how a package that weigh 0.80lbs cost 74 bucks to ship


I've worked in retail shipping for many years, but no I don't work directly for any of the three companies listed in my name, though I know more than any of their employees do.

I don't know if they purposely gave you a fake tracking number to deceive you, but it's definitely incomplete. Bottom line is, there is no service that costs anywhere near 70 dollars that takes a week for a one pound box.

Your frustration is certainly warranted and I would continue to pursue it.

If you do get your hands on the full tracking number, post it here and I can tell you exactly what service it was sent. (Ground, Next Day Air, etc.)


So from your experience do they really charge 74 bucks to go from nj- ok for a less 1ld box?

Do you work for the company? just curious cause of your name.


thats mad wrong!!! i would for sure raise sand!!! /=Z


m looking at my tracking now. and this is whats on it.

So what is it a fake? i have put the numbers and letters in since friday.


And it was indeed sent UPS, not Express Mail.


That tracking number is missing 2 digits.


I shipped a huge 20+lbs embroidery machine across the country and it cost me 50 something bucks,. i doubt a less than 1 ld box cost 74 dollar.

this was the tracking 1zy3060167409823

and it still doesnt work. I did just send her an email asking to save everything when she recieve it.


74 bucks for Express Mail is high, but not impossible. Keep in mind UPS Stores do mark up postal prices, just like any store marks up any product or service.

But you're right Express Mail certainly doesn't take a week. I would contact you're customer and instruct them to save all the packaging upon receiving it. That way you can see how much postage was in fact put on the package, or if it was sent via UPS instead, which UPS method is was shipped.

I'd be interested to hear what happens. What doest the tracking number start with...ER or 1Z?...or neither?

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