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Dear Sirs, I was shocked at the UPS store on 13505 South Murlen store, and was refused service.

My wife had bought a TV from HSN, and I repacked it in the orginal box UPS had shipped it. I carried

the Flat screen into the store to be shipped back, and Jason with a smile, told me that the store couldn't

ship it back as it was that stores policy. I asked why and told him that I was going to insure the product

anyway, as I thought that the store would be happy to ship this, and location was close. I was directed to

the main Hub store in Lenexa.

My reply to him was, If I was a grocery store owner and had product to sell, and a client came into the

store to buy a jar of peanut butter. He then entered the checkout area, and i told him he couldn't buy

that item as it was on the shelf for looks. Why would I want to own that Grocery store?


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Florida, United States #870181

Depending on the type of TV you had, as well as how it was packed, the store may have not wanted to ship it because they knew it was going to get broken, and didn't want to deal with that. Also, it should be noted that just because it was shipping to you via UPS in that box, it doesn't mean that box is up to UPS standards the first time, and even if it was, it won't be the second time.

And, if it was a plasma TV, I know of many stores who won't ship them because they pretty much always end up getting broken.

Lastly, I do not believe that insurance works how you think it works. If you did go ahead and ship the TV as it was and insured it for its full value and it got broken, the claim almost certainly would not have been paid.

The reason for that is UPS only pays claims when the item is packaged according to or better than their guidelines. Reusing a shipping box already voids your claim from the start, not to mention that the boxes TVs are usually shipped to customers in are much smaller than UPS recommends.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #853942

Were you trying to use the label HSN already gave you? If that's the case this makes total sense.

The UPS Store can't edit/add services to a label that was created by someone else. So, if you were trying to add insurance to that shipment, only UPS or HSN could do that--not The UPS Store. The UPS Stores are individually owned franchises, and they use a system totally different than UPS uses, so they could not access that label that HSN gave you. They could create a new label with insurance but you would have to pay full price for that shipping.

Using the grocery store example, that's the equivalent of you buying a jar of smooth peanut butter at Walmart, then going to your local grocery store and wanting to exchange it for the chunky version of another brand.

You didn't pay the grocery store, you paid Walmart. If you have any other questions feel free to reply to my comment!

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