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I needed the forever stamps and since I was in shopping center that had a UPS Store (far from the local post office) I bought several books of stamps. The store charged $11.25 for each book of 20 ... instead of $9.20 which the post office and most retail outlets charge.

UPS Stores probably buys postage stamps at a discount from the Post Office, so their markup to consumers is way more than 22%, which is quite a lot.

UPS is committing highway robbery by charging customers so much for a product than what the post office sells it for.

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Apalachicola, Florida, United States #806820

Do you mind paying a little extra at the zoom drive thru or convienence store for a gallon of milk or loaf of bread? Probably not since you might know the value of the convienence.

As a UPS Store owner of a top 1-2 percentile store, I can personally vouch that none of the store owners in this category are millionaires nor will we EVER get rich off you or even someone who drops any serious cash at one of our centers. If this were the case, the centers would NOT be independently owner franchises, but rather corporate owned locations. Think about it. Please do not be offended with the markup in stamps, unfortunatley UPS corporate encourages this type of markup since we dont make jack on the shipping and on the drop offs.

My commitment to you and the rest of the people who dislike the stamp markup is that if any real money is ever made in our business, to remove these surcharges. Unfortunatley it will be a cold day in *** when that occurs!


Mindyho needs to open a business some day and learn how the real world works. When I drive to the Post Office to buy stamps for $9.20, USPS never discount books or rolls of stamps, wait in line, drive back to my store, then sell them to you do you have any idea how much money that cost me?

Let me list some costs for you, my time for waiting in line, the gas it cost me to drive there, the rent on my building, the wages to my employees, my electric bill, water bill, and the 3%~7% credit card company charges.

Do you get the idea? Oh and now with ObamaCare in the mix I will have to charge even more to stay in business.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #774881

Nope! No discount from the Post Office.

We pay the same as you would. We purchase ours online now, so we spend even more money on having them ship it.

If we sold it at the same price, we would loose a ton of money, if you wanted to pay with a credit or debit card we would! I doubt you have $100 cash on you to buy 10 books of stamps...

Portland, Oregon, United States #774859

$2.00 mark up per book of stamps is reasonable. Through high it is still reasonable.

Remember they have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get the stamps. They need to make some money off it.

I think the price was fair and you are just cheap stake.

Wenatchee, Washington, United States #774299

USPS does not sell stamps at a discount. So that store you bought from paid $9.20 and had to inventory them, pay staff and rent, not to mention royalties to UPS.

In your case they probably also had to pay for a cc/debit transaction fee. Then after all that, yes, they made a few pennies.

The company that makes the stamps sells them for $9.20. If other businesses choose to sell them for the same price, it's because they are most likely to be selling you $100+ in other goods, like the grocery store.

If you had spent a couple hundred bucks on other goods and services at the UPS Store, maybe they would have sold them at cost too, but you didn't, so they didn't.

Welcome to the real world,genius, ALL retailers mark up items they sell, that is how they stay in business. How much do you think it costs Starbucks to make a cup of coffee? How much do they charge? How much does the grocery store charge for a loaf of bread vs what did they pay?

Yes, they all charge more for goods and services.

If you thought you were charged too much, why did you pay?

Because you wanted the convenience of not driving to the post office that was "far (away)." You paid a convenience fee.

GD, you are ignorunt--yes spelled incorrectly, this site censors 'attack' language, besides, it's probably the way you would spell it anyway.

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