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So to begin, a little background: I live with my mother, we rent out the basement of a house. We share the same address, we don't have a suite # or an A and B address.

We just share the address and separate out mail. We have been low on money and were waiting for her check to arrive. We needed money for bills urgently and she decided to have it over-nighted through UPS. Day 1: The UPS guy left a "first attempt" note on the front door.

That was out fault. After all how could he have known the "front door" to our basement studio apartment was on the side of the house down a walkway. We decided to leave a 12" by 12" note for him. Bold black letters: UPS and explaining where we live, how to get there and a phone number.

We taped it up where he could see it and hoped for the best. Day 2: a "second attempt" not was left. The letter was taped up at the beginning of the wheelchair ramp that leads to the land lady's front door. If I could post a picture I would.

The note was big and bold and was right on front of the only slim walkway to her door. How could he have missed it? My mom was obviously upset. She called and explained to a supervisor who made rude excuses and then hung up.

She called back and waited on hold 30 minutes to speak to another supervisor. (Guess the supervisors were busy with other very angry customers. Rightly so.) The new supervisor was told the situation, he said he couldn't do anything about it tonight, made more excuses. She told the supervisor to just make a note and let the UPS driver know ahead of time and he said he would.

Day 3: I was walking up the hill to get to my house and low and behold I see the UPS truck driving by. I had a bad feeling and ran up the hill as fast as I could to catch him. I ran up and I saw him up on the porch writing what I assume was the "last attempt". I ripped off the sign and showed it to him, very angry at that point and he laughed and said "I didn't see that, how was I supposed to see that." Smug, cocky, a ***.

My mom heard something and came out. After a good *** chewing I walked away and heard him threaten my mother that he was going to take the check back with him. We do not have a car and it would be difficult to go get. Besides that, $35 was paid to have it there OVER NIGHT.

The mistake I may have just forgotten had it not been for the extremely rude and unprofessional behavior by every single person at UPS that we spoke to. My mom and I both work customer service jobs and we know what customer service is. Nobody at UPS was apologetic, polite. Nobody wanted to help.

And nobody did help. So not only did the driver miss the huge sign twice, two "supervisors" and he driver were rude and did nothing to fix the matter.

Needless to say I will only be using FedEx from now on. In fact we have used FedEx before, left a MUCH smaller sign, and wouldn't you know it, he managed to deliver it to our door on the first try.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Sweetie, don't worry about these ignorant ***. I get what your saying.

Thanks for sharing your story!!

Ups is the worst!! I know.

Houston, Texas, United States #1015609

Yes... Ups is horrible.

The constantly deliver my packages to neighbors house, after several complaints. Very rude.

Fed ex is the best!!!! By far!!!


From the grammatical errors in this post and your letter, how can anyone take you seriously. *shrugs*

to Big Brown Truck Driver Pittsburg, California, United States #952941

I was ranting because I was angry. ***. Did I spell that correctly?

to Big Brown Truck Driver #1015612

Your very rude. She is just trying to help.

I, too have had many mishaps w/UPS. Who *** cares about grammer in these types of issues.

Get a life...big brown truck driver! Lmao


Look, I was a FedEx driver.. and me and UPS would love to exchange stories about ones like these..


want me... to call you??? Sure thing... I'll just put THE 134 OTHER FCKING STOPS I HAVE ON HOLD AND 300+ PACKAGES ON HOLD JUST TO CALL YOU!

Another note, UPS is union..

your complaints go on def ears.

FedEx... you can complain about the driver sneezing and FedEx Terminal will want to suck you off just to make it up to you (Ground and Home drivers are contractors)

to Anonymous Pittsburg, California, United States #952944

That's fine I was ranting about a bad experience. I don't WANT anything out of it.

When I work I act like a human being and if I can't pay rent because UPS can't get the check to me after I've called, written notes, etc. Tell me then how I should have gone about getting my letter on day 1?

to Anonymous Pittsburg, California, United States #952947

It's called being a human being. And for that driver to then threaten to not even give it to me and to take it back?

That person is a piece of ***. I would go out of my way for anybody to help them, and god forbid I ask for respect and consideration in return. I was very pleasant and got a very rude response from "supervisors" and what you and the person above are doing, is making an excuse for that person and company for why they can't do what they are supposed to do. I always have a million things going on, but you know what?

I still have a moment to help someone. If you don't feel the same I feel very sorry for you.

It's laziness and disrespect. When you mature you might feel the same way.

to Anonymous Pittsburg, California, United States #952950

And by the way I asked if someone could leave a note on the computer or the invoice. I asked what they could do to make sure that the check got to me and not my landlady.

After all that I asked for a phone call in the letter if the UPS driver had trouble finding the place.

How do you miss a huge sign? If you had poor service I would think you would be upset also.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1015616

Your an *** too. Ups is not what they used to be.

They are horrible.

No wonder, with people like you has there drivers! She was just sharing her story.

Florida, United States #883427

The UPS Store is not the same thing as UPS.

to Will Pittsburg, California, United States #952971

I'm aware. I couldn't find the actual UPS. Does that really bother you that much?

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