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Will NEVER shop at or use UPS again, nor will I EVER recommend it to anyone else. If you have money to throw away by all means shop with them.

I don’t !! What they charged me for boxes ( I was in a bind or would have NOT paid what they were asking ) was outrageous. The packing materials ( peanuts and bubble wrap ) are way over priced too! Fortunately, it will be a lesson never forgotten.

My normal box and packing store was closed the week between Christmas and New Years so thought UPS would be competitively priced...Boy was I wrong! More than double the price I normally pay...Lesson learned.

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You either didn't have the time or the materials to pack your own items. Don't blame others for your lack of time management skills.

You paid for the convenience of them doing it for you. If you can't afford it then learn to do it yourself.


Or you can wait until your buddy opens again. Do you cry when the supermarket is closed and you have to buy your 40 and smokes at the stop and rob?

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