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300 E.Oakland Park Blvd.

UPS store: I had a box at this location for 6 months while I was looking for a new home in Fort Lauderdale. I closed the account and had my mail forwarded for the first 2 months to assure everyone had my change of address. After I bought my house and moved I changed my address 4 months ago. A package was sent to the UPS store stated above addressed to myself via USPS.

Knowing full well that I had moved and no longer had a Box at this location when I walked in today 12/23 they had it sitting right behind the counter waiting for me. They told me I could not pick it up unless I paid them a $10.00 fee. I told the woman absolutely not and asked her why she didn't send it back since she knew full well that I didn't receive my mail there anymore. She had no response but to say it is the company policy to charge $10 for packages that are delivered to the shop.

I would have had the package already if they would have done the right thing and returned to sender. Shameful practice and I will not be using the UPS store or UPS service for my personal or business uses and will encourage others to do the same.

My tree is short a few presents and apologies to those who will go without this year.Happy Holidays and don't forget to use USPS and FedEx.

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Jackson, New Jersey, United States #800230

If they did a return to sender on the box, you would have had to pay for shipping on the box a second time.Most likely it would have then been late for Christmas.

Perhaps they were to do the right thing by you. You should also read your mailbox contract regarding forwarding mail / packages. This is your fault not theirs.

Merry Christmas.The post office needs your biz.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #764372

It's pretty simple to see what happened there.They might have forgotten you were a former box holder and assumed you were a "Hold for Pick-Up" customer.

That's where you send a package there and pick it up for a fee. In their case, a $10 fee. If you are too cheap to spend $10 for several Christmas presents, your loss.

Tuff.It's not their fault you gave the company the wrong address, it's yours.

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