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I called for the first time in my life for a package to be picked uo from my home. It was a sealed king mattress in a box and I have a bad back.

The 800 people told me that the driver would have a packing slip And I could fill it out once she got there She got there in about 20 mins. I was completly shocked.. The bix was 4ft by 2ft. Square.

It wieghed about 70 to 80 lbs. I told her I would help her take it to the truck. She was about 5.4 and 110 at the most. She told me she had a dolly and thanks anyway.

She asked me about the packing slip and I told her what the 800 guys said. She said the that I dont have any on my truck but just write down the address and the name and Ill fill it out later. Like a complete trusting *** I said. Thank you.

After she took the box I realized that I had no traking number and she didnt ask for any personal info. Now of course the UPS store in Decatur, AL. Is trying to put it all on me. Here I was a victim of a well used tactic.

Being 53 and a nice looking young girl sweet talks me. Should of known. After several days of talking to them, even though I took a picture on my phone of the package before it left my house. Has all the info printed on the bix as far as identifying the box.

Which they requested. How in the *** can anyone give a complete description of a box? I told them all of the info on the picture. Serial number, lot mumber, model number, a in big 3 inch letters.

And in adfition to I wrote on the Box, its a gift for my daughter, I LOVE YOU BABY!! HOPE THIS HELPS!! TAKE CARE OF MY GRANDAUGHTER!!I MISS YOU!! DAD.

I mean one message on ever side. After all of this information to discribe the box, I was still told that it wasnt enogh. They needed to know what was on the inside. White Mattress, sealed, king size.

Yes sir weve already got that. What is the brand of the mattress? I said its a europian mattress. Dont know for sure.

I ordered it on Overstock.com. Well sir if you cant identify the brand then thatakes are job almost impossable.I then asked, how would with it in that box, be able to identify the mattress? Well sir we would have to inseal it. Youve got to be....how will it ever get to my daughter after that?

Shes in {{Redacted}} California!!

Sir we are only trying to help. If you are going to continue to use that type of language then Ill have to ask you to stop calling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Store Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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