UPS store at 110 Cumberland street, Toronto Canada. The Manager is hysterical, crazy, threatening, and discriminating.

I was on phone calling Police. I made photocopies, bought USB from them and asked them to scan some legal documents. I noticed that the staff cut off the original bottom of legal document. And papers they scanned are missing a left side of document.

I told them that to stop scanning and give bill. The manager started screaming at me. He came in front of me face to face (he is tall man & I am petit woman) and screamed for 10-15 minutes no stop. I started to call Police and USP head office firstÙ‹ to complain.

Then Staff went to cashier and he ran after her and said that he will me full amount ($5 per page) and extra charge of $20. I told woman that I will call head office and complain. Manager ran toward me and took USB from me and went away. I paid her in cash and asked to get USB from him.

After much drama she gave me USB (later discovered that he erased everything on it). Then he started screaming discriminating hate words and concluded by telling me to get out of country and go away to my home country. what the ***?!! I am in my home country.I was shocked that I did not respond.

Ironically, they are Indians.

Do not go to that store. If you believe in good service and respect others and against discrimination then STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE ON CUMBERLAND Street Toronto Canada.

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Under new management as of May 2015. It is terrible!!!

The worst experience I have had by far.

UPS packages are laid out on the floor at the entrance without supervision.

Twice I have sent a package with them in the last 2 weeks and twice the have messed up the delivery... one of them delayed in over 10 days when I paid an express service and I was lucky, since the other package just got lost.

Never, ever, ever think of doing business with this store!!!!


based on the way you wrote your story, i would have guessed you were not from anywhere in north america. as i'm not sure of anyplace where broken english is the predominant language.

how did he sream at you for 10-15 minutes and no one else in the store even notice? are you sure you didn't just forget to take your meds?

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