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I went to buy a prepaid UPS Label envelope for my Passport to be sent from San Francisco Embassy to my home.I asked for that because my country embassy in San Francisco will ship the passport to my house in Golden, Colorado after my fingerprints appointment is done in SF.

After I explained what I need it to the owner of the store, He refuses to do the service, saying they couldn't do that, he asked me for my phone number to check in the system and he said I was not in their system and he couldn't do what I was asking for. He told me that because I was not in the system he can't offer me any service. I leave in Golden since 2001 and I perfectly know the owner and her employee is the only UPS store I'd been using in 15 years. Inmediatly after that, I went to the closest UPS store and in less than 5 min I got the prepaid envelope for my passport.

I went back and showed to them that they refused to their job only because I had an accent and they were discriminating against me. I went to showed the prove to the employee who was hiding on the corner, I told her what they were doing was wrong and I wanted to explained to the owner (who didn't want to come to the front) .

I told them they were simply Racist People, she through me out of the store with my son beside me, telling me bye bye with a rude voice and actitude and body language.I am really disappointed that in my home town that I had leave for 16 years now, and where I believed is now my town, (I am a US Citizen from 6 years ago), there are still people that suppose to do services worldwide they are discriminating their own customers and refuse to service everybody in a fair way.

Review about: Ups Store Owner.


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Manager, Employee, Refused to do their services racial discrimination.


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Some stores don't print labels that aren't going out the back door that day. I'm sure this is not your case, but a label for a letter has gone out the front door with a customer and used on a 75 lb box.......and that substantial price difference is passed to the store. So there are reasons labels aren't printed that are not being shipped at the store that day.

to JoeMarron #1411201

He was asking for an RS label from an embassy to his house, don't be dense. That is the easiest thing ever to process and make money on, unless you are untrained, or a racist.

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