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Drooped off package @ UPS store at 9960 FALLS of NEUSE RD #138.Package contained plexi glass , and was labeled "VERY FRAGILE" GLASS, & PLEASE BE VERY CAREFULL"I WAS CHARGED $90.00 to ship this package.which I told sales person whats inside, how delicate it was, and I need to insure it all. for $375.00 .That was it sales guy took my $90.00 and didnt say a word.Cusomer recieved the box in a 100 pieces.

I made a complaint, they rejected my claim and said insufficiant packageing, and all this stuff about testing it.

(They didnt test it in the store.)Every container was packaged in foam.Now UPS store is saying they are not responsable it is UPS .THey are a UPS store , so they are affiliated, and they took my $90.00 shippingMeanwhile I am out $90.00 shipping and three plexi glass caes for $375.00.UPS store and UPS are wrip off artists. DO NOT USE THIS UPS STORE in RALEIGH> DO NOT USE UPS IN GENERAL.I do NOT RECOMMEND anybody use this UPS STORE in RALEIGH NC @ 9960 FALLS of NEUSE.They were very rude , and did not care that I am a customer.I am only asking for my $90.00 atleast ..AT LEAST.But do want my $200.00 that I sold them for.Not looking for the $375.00 value

Monetary Loss: $290.

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Exactly the same as the other comments here. UPS Stores are not UPS, nor are they affiliated in the way you think.

If you packed it, then the UPS Store doesn't owe you BULL!

Learn what you're paying for before you pay!!

Hamilton, Ohio, United States #627177

Seriously? really?

c'mon!!! I work for The UPS Store as well and it boggles my mind to hear complaints like this. First off, we are an independently owned franchise (retail location), we carry the UPS name because we offer the same retail rates as actual UPS. Ask yourself this...did anyone from The UPS Store actually transport this package anywhere outside the building?

Did they package the item(s)? Do you know that most damage occurs on the conveyor belts and not the actual trucks?-thats why it shouldn't be damaged if YOU packaged it correctly. The stores offer a pack and ship promise...did u take advantage of this? My guess is you didn't because you thought you packed the item well and didnt want to pay any extra.

The only reason this store would be responsible for anything is if they accidentally shipped it to the wrong address.

If you r so worried about insurance then maybe you should pack your items better. Think about how much fraud would occur if UPS paid out claims regardless of packing or proof of value.

Malibu, California, United States #619695

I work at a UPS Store, if the package was not packaged by the store then they are not liable for any damages that may occur during the shipment. The UPS Stores act as a third party shipper for UPS and as they have the same rates as UPS they are not technically UPS.

Writing fragile on the box will not do anything, since the boxes are mostly on conveyor belts, the box could fall off, and if not package correctly could break. Though the company should have asked how you had it packaged inside as they added the extra insurance on the item.


everyone thinks they're good at packaging, very few people are. writing "fragile" "glass" whatever on the box does nothing.

conveyor belts can't read.

I pack and ship fragile things every day of the week, nothing ever breaks. you have to know how to do it or get a pro to do it for you.

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