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I am a business owner and utilize UPS much during each month. I am usually

happy with their service, but The UPS Store on 1436 Altamont Ave, Schenectady,

NY has changed my view of UPS stores. This store has no customer service

skills and excessive costs.

On March 28, 2011 I was sending a prepared package with prepaid mailing label-

all it need was one strip of tape to finish the packaging and be sent out.

The gentleman asked me for $2 for taping. I questioned him why the charge

since I prepaid for the shipping. He said it costs him $2 for tape (He used

maybe 5 inches of tape). I paid the fee, but felt uneasy. I followed up

with a phone call to UPS Corporate headquarters which they explained that the

fee was excessive and not needed. I returned into the store to question the

gentleman what UPS corporate verbalized to me. He becomes rude and

inappropriate. I felt unsafe for my physical safety as well as concerned by

my package with an expensive item inside it. I asked for my package and he

intially refused to give it back to me.

With persistence he gave me back my package but not my money. At this time I

am thankful I have my package and it is safe with me and all items were

thankfully inside. However, this gentlemen and worker was verbally

aggressive, inappropriate and rude. In addition, he is charging excessive

fees to customers. Furthermore, UPS corporate also does not support his

inappropriate and irrational behavior.

The point of this complaint is the lack of professional communication and inapproproate conduct as well as the unnessary fees, which UPS coporate supported my concern of this fee. As a customer calling the UPS Corporate inquring about this and with their response, you can see why a customer, such as I would feel they are being cheated and ripped off. In questioning this fee, they became irritated and rude. The lack of proper and professional skills to resolve this issue nor communicate is unfortunate- I am sure it hurts business- I guess that is why they need even $2 to stay open, therefore I am glad I gave the donation.

Monetary Loss: $2.


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tape is not free

Louisa, Virginia, United States #1334643

Per my last comment; should add that most folks who come in "untaped" also need a label printed from email that requires taping. It normally ends up using much more tape than simply sealing the box flaps, not to mention the cost of the paper, toner, and internet monthly charges that allow us to print labels from email. It all adds up.

Mineral, Virginia, United States #1334630

I own an authorized ship outlet that handles all 3 major carriers.We are in a rural area and most packages that come through are prepaid drop-offs, which we make about 25 or 50 cents on each.

Since we are not a UPS store or FedEx Kinkos, we are not supported by a corporation at all. And yes, tape costs us money. When you factor in rent on the space, the software and scanner needed to process dropoffs, insurance, utilities, and payroll just to name a few, we can not afford to provide services such as taping for free.

I get a lot of regulars, so I always let the first time slide but let them know about the charge for in the future.I understand most people don't carry cash, and the credit cards fees we pay would hardly be worth letting a customer swipe their card for just a dollar.


I have a mail box at Ups store and see so many people brings their pkg untaped and wishing someone would tape up for them (for free).Have you realize that you won't be the only one who ask for a tape?

They get thousands of people coming in for drop-off/prepaid pkgs and ask for a tape.

Which they have to provide with their own money.Prepaid label only covers your shipping not packing your pkgs to be sent off.

It's your responsiblity to take care of your pkgs to go out safely, not theirs.

Brooklyn, Maryland, United States #1197807

Sounds like a Bernie supporter. Wants everything for free.


I also work at a UPS store and we charge $1 for taping dropoff packages.If you don't want to pay the fee, then tape your package before bringing it in to our store.

When I was selling and shipping on Ebay, I never dreamed of expecting the store to tape my boxes for me, and find it very rude that a few customers seem to think that we should be paying THEM for dropping their packages off.

Why is it so difficult to tape up your own packages.Buy some tape and just do it.

Highland, California, United States #744574

I see we have many restaurant and ups owners chiming in why its ok to charge for tape.These guys pretend to act like a company store, except they are franchise owned.

I never paid for tape at Fedex before, so why should UPS be any different. The restaurant ketchup packet analogy doesnt apply... If customers were to walk into my store, see how great my service is, and I offer them free tape, maybe I can earn some of their business in the future, which is worth more than a "tape" charge. Its like FREE walk-in advertising, all it cost you is 2 cents of tape.

Instead these morons nickel-dime your average consumer, and make you hate them.

If a guy walks in with 3 huge boxes needing tape, sure you can charge...but it should be free for a simple small box!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #717340

Keep in mind each UPS Store is locally owned and operated. Meaning that the owners and employees do NOT work for UPS.

Each store also is in charge of its own finances, they do not receive money from UPS for supplies and must buy their own.

The reason the stores charge a fee to tape a drop-off package is that the stores receive almost no money ($.50/package or so) for taking them in and scanning them. Any tape they use to tape it up comes out of there own pockets.

I work at a UPS store, and some people seem upset and say "Thats ridiculous, its just a little piece of tape!". Maybe so, but do you honestly think you were the only one that day to come in with an untaped drop-off? In fact, hundreds of people come in with untaped drop offs a month to my store.


A farmer was being interviewed after winning the lottery. The reporter asked him what he planned on doing with the money. He scratched his head and said, "well, I guess I'll just keep farming until the money runs out."

Maybe I should just keep taping up UPS' packages for free until I'm out of money


Better yet, Walk into a restaurant and buy nothing, Simply grab as many packets of ketchup and mustard as you can carry and walk out the door.They won't mind, they would hate lose you as a customer.

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