I was mailing a package through UPS and needed some stamps. I bought a roll of 100.

When she said it would be $55.00 I should have realized that wasn't right but I was in a rush and had a 100 things on my mind. It wasn't until after I was driving back to work it dawned on me a roll of 100 stamps should only be $45.00. As soon as I got back to work I called them. They told me they have an an up-charge.

I said "But $10.00!?!?" The guy said sheepishly, "yeah". I told him I would know better next time. I shouldn't have been so ***. But that seriously should be illegal!

UPS should also tell customers when they're overcharging that they have an up-charge for all USPS products and services and how much it is. I would not have been that much out of the way for me to stop at the post office and save $10!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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It is legal to resell unused postage stamps. Only if you’re an authorized US Postal retailer that you can’t up charge except you can charge a convience fee for debit and credit cards.

If it was illegal than stamp collectors would all be in jail for reselling stamps. If you are so hard up about paying more for US stamps than go to the post office.

Problem solved. You decided to buy it at UPS for the convience and now complain.


UPS store just tried to charge me .78 per stamp. I told him no way and walked out. Is this legal?


Wish I had seen this report before I bought stamps at a UPS store. I was charged $11.80 for 10 stamps in a book, not 20.

I was not quoted the price up front and when I asked for my money back immediately the owner refused to refund the money.

The price should have been $5.00. They should go to jail for fraud.


Mail Stores are not there to help your pocket books people. Each and everyone of you was told the price before you paid.

These stores are here for your convenience, NOT to save you money. Maybe the Post Office should be charging more, it may be the reason the US Postal Service is 5 Billion in debt! Most of you will run in a gas station and spend $1.89 - $3.29 on a can of your favorite beverage. Do you think that really cost them that per can?

You can say i feel ripped off or what ever, but the fact remains, YOU, handed over the money. So quit whining about it. Some one stated I should have went over to the CVS, well they may sell books of stamps at face value, but I can buy anything they have at the dollar store for $2-$3 cheaper, and Wal-Mart is half cost of prescriptions. Then you have to figure in that half of you whip out a debit or credit card to buy those stamp and don't even take into consideration the fees associated to that merchant, for you, the convenience of buying using your card, costing them at least 2.75% of the sale.

That equals $0.28 per book loss for the merchant. 1000 books sold on credit or debit equals $280 loss.

How would that work for you if you ran a business? If you think a business can stay in business, by selling merchandise at face value, you've never run a business.


Just paid $13 for a book instead of $10. UPS store is a rip-off.


They charge .60 for a stamp!!! That should be illegal


I was upcharged so that each stamp came out to 63 cents each. I was also in a hurry and when I called to ask the girl had no clue.

Then said ‘oh that is just what we charge’ I’m returning the stamps.

Not really that convenient. I could have stepped next door to CVS and bought them there.


Paid $59.00 for 5 books (because they didn't have a roll) yesterday at the UPS store in Midlothian Va., store# 4697. Apparently they can charge whatever they feel like charging, regardless of what the official price of a stamp it. Won't do that again!!


Still going on in 2018. I gave my assistant $50 to buy a roll of stamps, but unfortunately, she decided to avoid the line at the post office and ran into the USP store.

When she gave me the receipt a few days later, she mentioned that I hadn't given her enough money.My first thought was that the price of a first class stamp had gone up to $0.60, but I knew that wasn't right because I had bought some stamps at the post office a few weeks earlier.

That's when I noticed the receipt was from the UPS store and not USPS.I don't blame my assistant, since I didn't specifically tell her to go to the post office, and I was on vacation when she bought them. However, I did make her aware of the UPS store's tax policy and not to buy stamps there anymore.


Same thing happened to me. Went to UPS to mail a pkg and needed stamps too.

I thought of it as I drove off that that didn't seem right. Post office is 9.80 for a book and I think it was 14.40 I paid. I called when I got home and checked. They should tell you that there is an upcharge.

Grocery stores that sell stamps don't charge extra. Highway robbery. I didn't think that would be allowed. Last time doing that.

Pissed. Price gouging!


Agreed, that’s BS. I looked it up because I just got ripped off at UPS too.

$13 for 20 stamps! I asked what a stamp cost and he said a book is $13.

He knew what I was asking. Thanks for nothing store 3224


same here. $11 for a book of stamps.

Didn't realize until the next day. Last time that's happening!!


I was charge .80 cents for ONE REGULAR STAMP. This is a total rip off and the Governor should look into this as price gouging.


An hour ago, for the same reasons you stated, being in a hurry, the same damned thing happened to me. I bought other things there too, but when I got home, I realized that the one hundred 49 cent stamps cost me $59.

I felt like a fool! I'll never do that again!

to Terri Schroder #1454489


Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States #1336519
Wish I would have read this sooner. I just got ripped off too by The UPS store in Rock Hill- $12.50 for a book of stamps!!

Seriously :( I was on my lunch hour and this store was close by. I will NEVER use them again!!!
Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #1264884

Today I was charged 60 cents for a 47 cent stamp.I didn't realize they charged extra.No more stamps at UPS.

Clive, Iowa, United States #1250971

I just purchased 2 books of Christmas stamps at a UPS store and paid almost $6 more. I learned a lesson the hard way.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1251080

It is called a convenience fee. UPS Store is not affiliated in any way with the post office. Why you people can not understand why you pay more is beyond me.

to LadyScot #1436892


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