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I just walked out of the Annapolis, MD Admiral Dr. store along with two other customers for lack of attention by the person behind the counter. Six people stood in line while he tended to one package that he was obviously having trouble with. There was a UPS driver in the store that said under his breath to me that he should attend to customers and he was trying to ship a package to Korea. I spoke up and asked how long he would be. He never... Read more

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A detective came to my house. An employee at the local UPS store had been stealing mail. My money order that I had paid for an envelop and stamp for and then asked them to mail was stolen by the employee. Why is it that they don't cover the loss? I have to eat the loss even when they are aware of the employee who stole my money order and reported her. I gave the envelop to the clerk in good faith that it it would not be stolen. I don't... Read more

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The worst experience with a shipment ever. We were hoping to get a very important package (our passports) that we need for traveling next week. The embassy concerned uses UPS - which is quite unfortunate. So here is what happened: The driver came to our place (Calgary, Canada) yesterday 13th May, and left a note WITHOUT even knocking - we were waiting for him inside the house (of course, because we wanted our passports in our hands asap!). Next,... Read more

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Store 6507 in Denver CO. Used to be Cherry Creek shipping and MBE. The guy is awful and his wife likes to start arguments with customers. She did with me in December. He stood up for her of course. The guy closed the box on me without telling me. I came in on time to pay rent for three months in April. I've had the box for 8 years. I mentioned that I was considering closing and what is the process. He told me not to pay the renewal and... Read more

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As customer do not rely on delivery of important items via UPS, No follow up nothing can be done to make sure delivery is to be completed. After two attempts by drivers, The notice with signature was put on the door and signed. to deliver the box with 4 attempts to track deliver and get it deliver. My confidence is a lowest on UPS and their excuses are unbelievable. Wrong addess no one home even though the shipper requires no signature? Who is... Read more

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NICKEL & DIMED. Had wine shipped from a CA (*paid for shipping). I call and they told me my package wasn't there. Spoke w UPS customer service, they confirmed my package was there, & promptly noted the location said there was a $10 retrieval fee. Call back, they confirm package is there & $10 fee.I again call UPS customer service driving to the store, ask why the $10, they reply I shouldn't be. Customer service rep put me on hold when I arrive,... Read more

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I sent in an on-line print order on Friday evening. I went in Saturday afternoon to pick-up and was told they never received anything. Ok, no big deal I'll use the Wi-Fi to re-send it through my laptop...except there is no more Wi-Fi. The associate wanted me to PAY to use their computer to have my one page printed even though I had already paid on the website for my order. This is not the first issue I've had with this store. I've ordered... Read more

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One store in Fayetteville NC, Westwood shoppingCenter, the one guy has a very bad attitude. One day, someone will shut his *** down and it might be me. No customer service skills and a smart mouth. Wonder why it's never busy there. Thinks he knows everything and has no *** clue. One day, he will have to enter my place of employment. Let's see how that works out for him. Add comment

Really NO ONE SHOULD GO TO the ups STORE IN 6845 hwy 90 e ste 105 Daphne ,Al this is a real piece of bad work and the manager totally needs proper training in customer service and the ASSociate working as well needs service cutomer service skills and really learn his job plus the owner needs a real clue Ireally was very disappointed how i was put off and told to call a 1800 number based on incident that they did not take care off but no... Read more

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Drop off two items for return associate assured me he would take care of it(so hence the probelm associate did not take care of it at all) awful service never trust a place like this again poor customer service and the ultimate not acknowledging there mistake I think really this business should lose there lincense owner as well is a big JOKE and Manager really needs to take a customer service class or classes and to the associate he knows... Read more

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